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  1. 2023-01-06 Is Drip Irrigation Right for Me? Recap of Options for Storing Grains Echoes from our Network: Hermetic Sealing in Haiti From ECHO's Seed Bank: 'Starfighter' Lettuce Books, Websites, and Other Resources:Tool for Agroecology Performance Evaluation (TAPE)

  2. 2022-10-03 Bioliquid Fertilizer Update Considerations for crop selection Echoes from our Network:Tithonia and neem fermented liquid for termite control From ECHO's Seed Bank: ‘Asia Cayenne’: A Mild-Tasting Chili Pepper Books, Websites, and Other Resources:VITA resources revivedandThe Fertilizer and Seed...

  3. 2022-07-01 Extending Postharvest Life of Fresh Fruit: Harvest for Quality Chicken Compost System Echoes from our Network:Microcontroller use From ECHO's Seed Bank:Allium cepa ‘Awahia’A Short-Day Onion Option Books, Websites, and Other Resources: Discount on Roland Bunch's Second Edition of "Restoring the...

  4. 2022-04-12 Low-Cost Microcontrollers: Applications for Small-Scale Agriculture Echoes from our Network: A Deep Litter System for Natural Chicken Production From ECHO's Seed Bank: 'KDV-1' Maize Books, Websites, and Other Resources:WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal PlantsandCanadian Foodgrains Bank Video...

  5. 2022-01-12 Extending Postharvest Life of Fresh Fruit: Harvest at the Right Time Echoes from our Network: Homegarden Agroforestry From ECHO's Seed Bank:Chipilín Books, Websites, and Other Resources:CTA publications,CVM publications, and App Translation

  6. 2021-10-04 Moringa Productivity with Legume Intercropping Insect Pest Management:Evaluation and Assessment Echoes from our Network: Gliricidia-Annual Intercropping System From ECHO's Seed Bank:‘Lacinato’ Kale for Home Gardens Books, Websites, and Other Resources:Food Plant Solutions andDownloadable Books

  7. 2021-07-06 Insect Pest Management: Options for Controlling Pest Populations From ECHO's Seed Bank:Everglades (Wild) Tomato Echoes from our Network: Acacia angustissima Farming Improvement Experience Books, Websites, and Other Resources:Soy Kit as an Appropriate Technology for Women Entrepreneurs - A Review...

  8. 2021-04-06 Insect Pest Management: Options for Monitoring Pest Populations From ECHO's Seed Bank:Apios americana Echoes from our Network: Subscribe to ECHO Asia Notes! Books, Websites, and Other Resources:Review of Agroforestry Design ToolTM

  9. 2021-01-20 Perennial Vegetables and Nutrition From ECHO's Seed Bank:Factors to Consider when Selecting a Pigeon Pea Variety Echoes from our Network: 2020 ECHO International Agriculture Conference Books, Websites, and Other Resources:ECHOcommunity Mobile App Announcement

  10. 2020-10-16 Farmer-Centered Climate Change Mitigation:Part 2 of 2 From ECHO's Seed Bank:A Seed Trial Report - How Seeds from ECHO Grew in a Dry-Season Garden in Uganda Echoes from our Network: Grafting Tamarillo and Other Solanaceous Crops for Nematode Resistance Books, Websites, and Other Resources:AT Fair...

  11. 2020-07-17 Farmer-Centered Climate Change Mitigation:Part 1 of 2 Are Crickets a Practical Source of Protein in Tropical Countries? From ECHO's Seed Bank: Cowpea Varieties for Warm Rainy Season ECHOes from our Network: Emergency Gardens in a Quarantine World Books, Websites, and Other Resources:New ECHO...

  12. 2020-04-14 Responding in the Case of an Epidemic or Pandemic A Tip of the Hat to the Tippy Tap Promoting Biodiversity on Maize Smallholdings: Importance of Birds From ECHO's Seed Bank:Fast-Growing Plants for Household Food Supply Echoes from Our Network: 100-Fold Gardens in Honduras Books, Web Sites, and...

  13. 2020-01-27 Low Oxygen Methods for InsectControl in Seeds ECHO International Agriculture Conference 2019:Topic Summaries Echoes from our Network:Roger Gietzen on the topic of syntropic farming Books, Web Sites and Other Resources: Vetiver Latrine

  14. 2019-10-18 Pest Prevention: The Foundation of Integrated Pest Management Echoes from our Network:Nutrition Education inthe Context of Community Agriculture Programs From ECHO's Seed Bank:New Lima Bean CultivarsAvailable Books, Web Sites, and Other Resources: Syntropic Farming Guidebook by Roger Gietzen

  15. 2019-07-24 Introducing 100-Fold Gardens: Wicking Beds for High-Density Planting of Vegetables Where Water is Scarce Echoes from our Netwok: Literacy and Agriculture and Termite Harvesting in Ghana From ECHO's Seed Bank: Earthbag Houses for Storing Seeds Books, Web Sites, and Other Resources: Restoring the...

  16. 2019-04-26 Learning about and from local seed systems Germination to Detoxify Jack Bean Techniques to Boost Plants’ Stress Tolerance and Extend Fruit Marketability From ECHO's Seed Bank: Fever Tree Books, Web Sites and Other Resources:Planetary Health Diet Proposal

  17. 2019-01-29 Understanding Agriculture-Nutrition Linkages EIAC 2018 Topic Summaries Echoes from our Network: Intercropping Native Shrubs From ECHO's Seed Bank: Rollinia Books, Web Sites and Other Resources: Feed the Future Technical Briefs

  18. 2018-10-17 Shea Nut: The Butter Tree For How Long Should Chaya Leaves be Boiled? Green Leafy Vegetables: Leaf Powder for Improved Nutrition From ECHO's Seed Bank: Jewels of Opar, An edible ornamental SPRINGNutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training Resource Package

  19. 2018-07-18 Farmer Field School Trials of 2:4:2 Maize/Legume Intercropping Laurel Wilt Disease: "Save the Guac!" Echoes from our Network: Metal silos for grain storage From ECHO's Seed Bank: Culantro Let’s Restore Our Land andFarming for Change curriculum

  20. 2018-04-27 Anthropology as a tool for facilitating agricultural development Invasion of the Fall Armyworm Echoes from our Network: Millepede Damage From ECHO's Seed Bank: Passionfruit Books, Web Sites and Other Resources: Permaculture for Refugees in Camps

  21. 2018-01-31 Yellow Shoot, Green Fruit: Citrus Greening Disease EIAC 2017 Topic Summaries Echoes from our Network: edible insect feedback From ECHO's Seed Bank: Tree Lucerne(Tagasaste),multipurpose forage crop for the highlands eBook Release: Agricultural Options for Small-Scale Farmers

  22. 2017-10-23 Insects for Food and Feed Resilient Bamboo Invitation to LEAD Asia Web-Based Talk Echoes from our Network: Living Fence Advice from Roy Danforth From ECHO's Seed Bank: Tamarind, a Tart Addition for the Home Garden eBook Releases: Options for Coping with Crop or Animal Pests, Seed Saving and...

  23. 2017-07-17 Crop monitoring for early detection of insect pests A mystery lychee-related illness is solved Do all parts of a chaya plant contain hydrocyanic acid? Echoes from our Network: Women and Agriculture response from SaraDelaney on Farming as a Family Business From ECHO's Seed Bank: Are my seeds dry...

  24. 2017-04-12 Biofortified crops: What are they, how do they work and why should we grow them? The cheers and challenges of Conservation Agriculture programs Echoes from our Network:Woman and Agriculture feedback from Joel Matthews From ECHO's Seed Bank: Gac - A colorful and health-promoting fruit eBook...

  25. 2017-01-16 Women in Agriculture ECHO International Agricultre Conference 2016 Topic Summaries From ECHO's Seed Bank: Tithonia for green manure eBook Release:Fundamentals of Agricultural Development epublication

  26. 2016-10-18 Bamboo A "2:4:2" Maize/Legume Intercropping Pattern Paper Mulberry: A Complicated Agroforestry Resource Echoes from our Network: Stinging chaya,fruits for high rainfall areas and exotic leaf miner problem in Nigerian tomatoes Book Review:Handbook for Integrated Soil Fertility Management Website...

  27. 2016-07-11 Detecting Aflatoxin in Agricultural Commodities Community Animal Health Workers Support Small-Scale Livestock Production Echoes from Our Network From ECHO’s Seed Bank: Marigold for Companion Planting Save and Grow in Practice: A guide to sustainable cereal production Upcoming Events

  28. 2016-04-08 Kitchen Gardens in Burundi – “the new way to grow vegetables” Use of Moringa Leaf Extract as an Effective and Easy Crop Growth Enhancer Echoes from Our Network From ECHO’s Seed Bank: Legume Seed Highlights The Carbon Farming Solution Upcoming Events

  29. 2016-01-25 Tire Contaminants from a Container Gardening Perspective Cyantesmo Paper for Detecting Cyanide Effective Use of Workshops in Agriculture Extension Echoes from our Network From ECHO’s Seed Bank: Vegetable Seed Highlights Books, Websites and Other Resources Upcoming Events

  30. 2015-10-30 Permaculture In Development: An introduction to permaculture and its application in agriculture development From ECHO’s Seed Bank: Inca nut (Plukenetia volubilis) Books, Websites and Other Resources Upcoming Events

  31. 2015-07-23 Carbon Farming: Building Soils and Stabilizing the Climate Farmer Engagement in Agriculture Extension Echoes from our Network: Negotiating two seemingly contradictory understandings of cooperatives From ECHO’s Seed Bank: Naranjilla

  32. 2015-04-30 Private Service Providers: Preferred by Smallholders Farmer Co-operatives Echoes from our Network: Conservation Agriculture in Areas with High Rainfall Books, Websites and Other Resources

  33. 2015-01-20 Bicycle Pump Vacuum Sealer for Seed Storage Selenium and Human Health From ECHO’s Seed Bank: Sorghum Pollination ECHO South Africa Research Update Book Reviews: The System of Crop Intensification Agricultural Prosperity for Dry Africa

  34. 2014-10-20 Bringing Back the Pollinators From ECHO’s Seed Bank: ECHO Plants that Attract Pollinators Echoes from our Network: Cucumber as an intercrop Book Reviews: 100 Tropical Fruits, Nuts, and Spices for the Central African Garden by Roy Danforth and Paul Noren Agroforestry in the Central African Home...

  35. 2014-07-01 FONDAMA Yard Garden Program From ECHO’s Seed Bank: 2013/2014 Tomato Observation Trial From Our Regional Impact Centers Books, Websites and Other Resources: Perennial Vegetables In Memoriam: Richard D. Chapin

  36. 2014-04-20 Why Many African Farmers Choose Not to Engage in Development Russian Comfrey for Fertilizer, Feed and More Living Mulch under Maize Risk Aversion and Diversification

  37. 2014-01-01 Strategies to Help Prepare for and Respond to Disaster Echoes from our Network: Increasing Interest in Chaya From ECHO’s Seed Bank: Dual-Purpose Cowpea Varieties Books, Websites and Other Resources Upcoming Events

  38. 2013-10-20 A Compendium of Free Online Courses, Books and Other Resources Natural Farming 2013 Okra Observation Trial Rethinking a Basic Assumption in Ag Development: Risk Aversion vs Hunger and Exhaustion South Africa Research Update

  39. 2013-07-20 Job’s Tears (Coix lacryma-jobi L.), a Resilient and Multipurpose Grain The System of Crop Intensification From Our Regional Impact Centers Implementing Your Agricultural Project / Farm Plan: Farm Management Principles

  40. 2013-04-20 Further Support for the Use of Lablab in Dry Areas Lablab (Lablab purpureus), a New Staple Crop for the Sudano Sahel Concentrating Manure near Crop Plants Boosts Soil Fertility Trace Elements and Human Health

  41. 2013-01-20 A Caution about Euphorbia tirucalli Seed production of Uberlandia Carrots in semi arid Africa Engaging Non-Governmental Organizations in Newcastle Disease Control Village Chickens, Food Security and Poverty Alleviation: The Benefits of Newcastle Disease Control in Southern Africa Planning an...

  42. 2012-10-20 Developing Low-Cost Assistive Technologies for Persons with Disabilities ECHOcommunity.org – The First Year Annual Leafy Greens Variety Trial

  43. 2012-07-01 Living Fences Intercropping for Pest Control: The Push-Pull Approach Upcoming Events From ECHO’s Seed Bank: Pumpkin variety trial results ECHOes from our Network: Note from Bill Mebane From Our Regional Impact Centers

  44. 2012-04-20 Baobab Seed Available Wick Irrigation Sequel to Amaranth to Zai Holes Microfinance: The Savings Group Model

  45. 2012-01-01 Schoolyard and Community Gardens Tolerance of Moringa oleifera to Freeze Events Books, Websites and Other Resources: Empowering Children From ECHO’s Seed Bank: Moringa drouhardii and M. ovalifolia

  46. 2011-10-20 Spider Flower (Cleome gynandra) East Africa’s Drought: Q and A The Importance of Indigenous Food Plants Famine in the Horn of Africa Introducing ECHO’s New Online Community Portal—in over 30 Languages!

  47. 2011-07-20 Bamboo for Fences New Use for Moringa Seeds Resource for Understanding Land and Tree Tenure Issues Marketing Information from ATTRA Tomatoes from Cuttings Metal Silos for Improved Grain Storage Avocado Trees ‘Caro Rich’ Tomato Seed for Increased Vitamin A

  48. 2011-04-20 Water Harvesting Through Sand Dams Soil Microorganisms from Compost Tea Gliricidia sepium for Rat Control: A Recipe

  49. 2011-01-20 Multiplication and Use of Soil Microorganisms Chia (Salvia hispanica L.): An Ancient Food Crop with Rediscovered Potential for Providing Nutrition

  50. 2010-10-20 Reducing Moisture Content of Seeds Prior to Storage Photos of Modified Seed Dryer Global Weather and Climate Information Moringa Use in Mzenga, Tanzania Human Urine as a Fertilizer

  51. 2010-07-20 Faidherbia albida Plant Information Online Feedback about Making Potting Mix Sprouting grains Chickpea Seeds from ICARDA Human Urine as a Fertilizer

  52. 2010-04-01 Agricultural and Nutritional Options for Impoverished People Living with HIV/AIDS Advantages of Perennial Vegetables Resources to Help with Haiti Disaster Response Coppicing Woodlots Books, Websites and Other Resources Faidherbia albida, an Important 'Fertilizer Tree' Learn two important lessons...

  53. 2010-01-20 Effect of Sprouting on the Nutrition of Grain and Legume Seeds Alternative Germination Mixes for Starting Transplants Seeds of a Warm-Weather Carrot to Try Important Resources about Trees of Haiti Resource Rights

  54. 2009-10-20 A Low Resource Method to Raise Fish in Haiti Contributing Articles for EDN Thinking of Exporting a Plant Product to Europe? Free Statistical Software for Non-Profits In Memory of Keith Hess Peanut (Arachis hypogaea): A major and versatile crop

  55. 2009-07-20 Moringa Information from 2006 International Moringa Workshop Income and Other Benefits from Using Worms to Make Compost Introducing a New Crop: Reasons Why Seeds Fail Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) Variety Trial at ECHO

  56. 2009-04-01 Aflatoxin in the Diet Makes the Progression of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis Much Worse How Can a Diet Rich in Phosphorus Lead to Phosphorus Deficiency and Other Deficiencies? Effect of Neem Leaf Extract on N-Fixing in Beans Artemisia in the News Again Baobab Gardens for "Leaf Production Indigenous...

  57. 2009-01-20 Jicama Malted Barley Flour for Malnourished Infants Seed Storage

  58. 2008-10-20 Applying Calcium Carbide to Induce Flowering in Pineapple Inoculation of Leguminous Crops and Trees Drying Moringa during the Rainy Season Congratulations to Dr. Martin Price on his Retirement! Faba bean(Vicia faba)

  59. 2008-07-20 Crop Protection and Seed Saving Health-Related Topics Issue Number 100! SALT (Sloping Agricultural Land Technology) with emphasis on forage and animal production Mulch, mulch, mulch Helpful insights on sawing lumber from tropical trees Impressive reforestation by taking advantage of the “...

  60. 2008-04-20 Rapid Multiplication of Banana and Plantain Plants Farming God's Way - Feedback Highlights of Dr. Brewbaker’s Leucaena Tree and Sweet Corn Breeding Programs Fake Malaria Drugs in SE Asia Tips for Planting Small Seeds

  61. 2008-01-01 A Successful Approach to Field Cropping in Southern Africa Low-Toxin Grass Pea

  62. 2007-10-20 “Cafeteria Feeding” of Chickens Winged Bean Revisited How Will Using Agricultural Land for Biofuels Affect Smallholder Farmers in Developing Countries? Deep Pipe Irrigation: an inexpensive and efficient method to irrigate crops and trees Pot Drip System for Tree Irrigation New Advances in Rope...

  63. 2007-07-20 A Fresh Look at Life below the Surface Branching and podding characteristics of ‘PKM-2’ Moringaoleifera

  64. 2007-04-20 Hope against Malaria Insights from a Simple Sorghum Trial in Haiti Energy Needs for HIV-infected Persons

  65. 2007-01-20 A Market for Used Motor Oil Atemoya: Hand Pollination to Increase Fruit Set Saving Your Own Vegetable Seeds More on Maize in Africa Lagos Spinach

  66. 2006-10-20 Banana Wilt Disease in East Africa Common Mistakes in Agricultural Development and a Key to Success Used Motor Oil A Non-chemical Method of Rat Control for Rice Fields Seed Yields Decline at Higher Average Temperatures The World's Wheat Crop Under Threat from New Disease Maize in Semi-arid Areas...

  67. 2006-07-20 More about Grain Amaranth Soybeans in the Tropics Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) “The World’s Largest Fruit” Soy Promotion by Plenty International Mucuna Trichomes as a Dewormer for Goats

  68. 2006-04-20 Grain Amaranth Thoughts on the Green Famine - ECHOES from our Network