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Pest Prevention: The Foundation of Integrated Pest Management

Echoes from our Network: Nutrition Education in the Context of Community Agriculture Programs

From ECHO's Seed Bank: New Lima Bean Cultivars Available

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Pest Prevention: The Foundation of Integrated Pest Management

Stacy Swartz

When the topic of agricultural pest management is mentioned, most people think first about monitoring for pests or intervening to reduce pests: scouting, pest identification, and/or application of pesticides are some specific practices. However, prevention is a often-overlooked key strategy that farmers can use to minimize the likelihood of pest problems.  This article will explore the role of prevention in a pest management plan.

Nutrition Education in the Context of Community Agriculture Programs

Dawn Berkelaar

ECHO shares information to help farmers grow food more effectively, with minimal purchased inputs. However, unless training is also given around nutrition, farmers and their families will not benefit optimally from changes that are made. At the November 2017 ECHO International Agriculture Conference, Kathy Bryson shared ideas for how to integrate practical nutrition education into community agriculture programs. Bryson is the International Training Director at SIFAT (Servants in Faith and Technology), and works in Central America. Information from her talk is summarized below.  You may watch Bryson’s presentation on www.ECHOcommunity.org; a pdf of the presentation is also available.

New Lima Bean Cultivars Available

Cody Kiefer

Originating in Central and South America, post-Columbian Spaniards introduced P. lunatus to Asia via the Philippines, and its voyage to Africa was a direct result of the transatlantic slave trade. As much of the export of P. lunatus originated from ports in Peru’s capital, it adopted the common name, “lima bean.”

Numerous cultivars of P. lunatus exist,  often categorized as vining or bush types.  The ECHO Global Seed Bank has historically offered four cultivars, and has recently added two new strains: ‘Haba’ and ‘Humidity Resistant.’