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Grain Amaranth

Thoughts on the Green Famine - ECHOES from our Network


Grain Amaranth

Dawn Berkelaar and Jacob Alemu

This exceptionally nutritious, high protein grain, that requires less rainfall than corn, has potential as a staple for the general population plus seems to offer special value in managing diseases such as HIV/AIDS. The Amaranth family contains more than 60 species (most of them wild) and thousands of varieties. Wild species are weedy and often eaten as a vegetable, especially in rural areas. The weed is called “terere” in Kikuyu, and “pigweed” in English.

Thoughts on the Green Famine

[Eds: We received a lot of feedback from network members in response to Tony Rinaudo’s article on the Green Famine (EDN 77). Some of the comments are condensed below.]