In August of 2014, ECHO established the Latin America/Caribbean Regional Impact Team. The goals of this team are to:

  • Make appropriate technical information more widely available among persons and organizations who serve to alleviate hunger and improve the lives of small-scale farmers.
  • Increase the awareness of regionally important crops, animal breeds and farming systems by seeking out, sharing and promoting effective indigenous innovations related to food sufficiency and poverty alleviation.
  • Increase the availability of seeds of select regionally important crops among development workers, encourage regional seed saving and sharing and determine the availability of other significant plant material.
  • Encourage networking and information sharing among development workers in each region.


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Latin America / Caribbean Updates

ECHO Internship Opportunities 2018-06-05

Kelly Wilson, pictured, is in Guatemala for a six-month post-internship field experience after completing a 14-month ECHO internship in November. As an agriculture technical advisor with ECHO Latin America/Caribbean Regional Impact Team, Kelly is currently collaborating with the organization, Wuqu' Kawoq | Maya Health Alliance to develop a pilot home gardens program with indigenous Maya. The goal of this work is to improve dietary diversity and reduce chronic malnutrition within this population.

When asked to share about her ECHO Internship experience, Kelly said the following:

“The ECHO internship has given me a strong foundation for working in agricultural development, providing experience and exposure to a wide range of agricultural principles and practices appropriate for small scale farmers all over the world. Caring for the community garden, shepherding a small flock of sheep, and embracing the wonders of microorganisms to ferment food waste and fish guts into fertilizer are but a few of the many rich experiences of learning and growing that the internship offered. More than this though, what gave meaning to the year I spent at ECHO was the people I shared it with. Together, through challenges and celebrations, goodbyes and hellos, we learned what it means to abide with one another in love, and this ultimately is the most important preparation I could have received.”

Kelly is just one of the many individuals who have been enriched by and in turn greatly contributed to the ECHO Internship Program. If you are interested in learning more about this 14-month experience, please visit

The application period  is open until August 1, 2018.

About Latin America / Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean is a region of deep contrasts. Over the past two decades there has been substantial social and economic growth, enabling some to make the leap from poverty and vulnerability to stability and relative middle class comfort. Infrastructure in most large cities is modern with reliable transportation systems connecting centers of trade. The landscape is dotted with shopping centers that host well known American businesses.

However, beginning at the edges of the modern cities one can see the acute symptoms of a widespread and destructive force; the crushing weight of hopelessness in the rural villages that are home to nearly half of the region’s population. Every year hundreds of rural families abandon farming as their traditional survival strategies are no longer sufficient to support even a meager existence.

47 million people in the region suffer from hunger and malnutrition, mainly women and children.  

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