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Green Manure / Cover Crop Resources 2019-06-13

With the release of Roland Bunch's second edition of Restoring the Soil we have been having a lot of conversations about green manures and cover crops. Even regular users of ECHOcommunity may not be aware of some of the amazing resources that have been generated on this subject over the years.

Green manure cover crops (gmcc) are rapidly growing crops that cover and protect the soil. They are left on the soil surface as mulch or plowed under to enrich soil organic matter content. Legumes are prioritized for their ability to source atmospheric nitrogen through symbiosis with nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

In 2017 ECHO produced a Best Practice Note on Selecting Legumes as  Green Manure Cover Crops which ultimately led to the creation of an interactive GMCC Selection Tool.

If you know some basic information about your growing conditions (rain, temperature, altitude) you the GMCC Selection Tool can help you narrow down which of the GMCCs available in the ECHO seed banks might be most appropriate for your use. You can specify if you are looking for a specific growth habit (erect, climbing, etc.) and specific use-cases such as human or animal consumption. 

Additional resources:


ECHOcommunity Conversations has several ongoing discussions about GMCCs that you may find interesting. If you've got a qestion, this is a great place to ask!

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Upcoming events

Training in SRI (System of Rice Intensification) ขอเชิญเข้าร่วมอบรม “การปลูกข้าวต้นเดียว”
Fri, 12 July 2019 » Fri, 12 July 2019

ECHO Asia Small Farm Resource Center & Seed Bank, Thailand

  This event will include:  Interactive demonstration of SRI innovations Discussions on SRI principles including how to increase yields and decrease water usage Introduction to ECHO Asia  and Farm Tour of our new 20 rai farm! Training will be conducted in Thai & English.  The cost for this training is 200 thb and includes coffee break & lunch.  please email us at to register! วัน ศุกร์ ที่ 12 กรกฎาคม 2019 เวลา 09.00-17.00 น. ณ ศูนย์การเร...

Agroforestry: Designing for Impact
Mon, 15 July 2019 » Fri, 19 July 2019

ECHO Global Research and Demonstration Farm, USA

Agroforestry is the agricultural practice of combining the management of annual crops and/or animals with trees. Agroforestry systems, largely composed of perennial crops, offer the resilience needed to address extreme climatic issues such as drought and torrential rain, along with social and economic factors that influence agricultural production of small-scale farmers.   This five-day course will introduce students to key agroforestry concepts, allow them to see the various agroforestry ...

Student Organic Seed Symposium
Thu, 22 August 2019 » Sun, 25 August 2019


WHAT IS SOSS? An annual gathering of graduate students, researchers, farmers, and seed industry professionals working in organic seed systems. The major annual event of the Society of Organic Seed Professionals (SOSP), the parent organization that has grown out of the SOSS network. SOSP is fiscally sponsored by Organic Seed Alliance, a 501(c)3 organization.

Konferans Agrikòl Nò, Haiti Agriculture Conference (North) 2019
Mon, 26 August 2019 » Fri, 30 August 2019

Gros-Morne, Haiti

  We invite you to participate in a conference that would help strengthen connections amongst those working in the agricultural sector in Haiti and spend time learning from one another. Konferans Agrikòl Nò (Northern Agriculture Conference) will be held August 26-30 in Gros-Morne, Artibonite Department, Haiti.   This conference is tailored to encourage conference delegates and presenters to connect and learn from each other’s successes and failures. The main topics for this year inc...

Small-scale seed production and utilization
Mon, 16 September 2019 » Fri, 20 September 2019

ECHO Global Farm, USA

ECHO offers over 350 varieties in its Florida seed bank requiring diverse approaches to growing, processing, and storing seeds. This five-day course will begin in ECHO’s seed production plots to help participants better understand how crops are managed and harvested. Techniques related to both wet and dry processing of seeds will be practiced, as well as, essential tasks such as germination testing. Long-term seed storage approaches including vacuum sealing and cold storage will be explored, ...

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