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Bamboo for Construction - ECHO Technical Note #92 Now Available 2018-05-22

ECHO's latest Technical Note is an in-depth look at how to harvest, preserve, and use bamboo for building construction. Filled with tips on bamboo species, drying techniques, and modern and traditional joinery,  this technical note contains helpful pictures of the tools and lashings needed to build lasting structures using this widely available, and sustainable material.


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, and a single culm can reach a height of over 100 feet in just one growing season--but it is best to wait three years for that culm to reach full maturity before harvesting. Once a bamboo culm reaches maturity, it will be much stronger. Culms begin to die roughly 8 to 10 years after they emerge as shoots, so the ideal harvest window is between 3 and 8 years of age.

Knowing this, how can you distinguish the age of a culm when you go to your bamboo clump to harvest? One method, which requires a considerable amount of patience and forethought, is to record the year on each culm as it emerges. This can be done with long-lasting grease pens, markers, or paints, or simply by scarring the outer layer of the bamboo with a knife or stone. This method, used diligently, will allow you to know the exact age of every culm in the clump. 

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Ibadan, Nigeria Sustainable Agriculture Networking Forum
Tue, 29 May 2018 » Fri, 1 June 2018

Scripture Union(SU) Headquarters (Opposite Old Airport), Nigeria

This ECHO Forum is geared toward enabling networking related to alleviating hunger and poverty by those persons serving Africa's poor. Three mornings of plenary sessions featuring knowledgeable and experienced speakers will be followed by afternoon workshops and discussion groups led by regional agricultural development workers and experts. ECHO forums are considered networking opportunities. This means that you, the delegates, are the most important resources. Please do not be shy...

ECHO Asia Myanmar Seed Saving Workshop
Tue, 5 June 2018 » Wed, 6 June 2018

Sustainable Agriculture Training Center - Nyaung Tagar Village, Myanmar

ECHO Asia, in conjunction with the Christian Social Service and Development Department (CSSDD), welcomes anyone working in agriculture and community development to attend a seed saving workshop from June 5-6, 2018 at the Sustainable Agriculture Training Center, Nyaung Tagar Village, Hmawbi Tsp, Yangon Region.  This two-day event will include: hands-on training on seed saving best practices (at NGO and community levels), vegetable grafting, utilization of neglected and underutilized species...

Creation Care & Farming God’s Way Conference
Tue, 26 June 2018 » Fri, 29 June 2018

Moffat Bible College, Kenya

Tropical Agriculture Development: The Basics - July 2018
Mon, 23 July 2018 » Fri, 27 July 2018

ECHO Global Farm, United States of America

Those interested in preparing for short/long-term involvement in agricultural development internationally  are encouraged to participate in this one-week course held two times a year. Course participants will gain an introduction to aspects of poverty and community development and an orientation to ECHO. They will also receive instruction on proven agricultural principles/practices and practical techniques, systems and technologies to meet agricultural and nutritional needs of small-scale, im...

Anamed Tanzania - An international seminar in Mbeya Region
Sun, 5 August 2018 » Sun, 12 August 2018

LUTENGANO CENTER of the Moravian church, Tukuyu, TANZANIA

The aims of this training seminar are to train 30 people (Healers, Pastors, Missionaries, Health workers, Teachers, Counselors, and others active in the Community. a) The recognition, knowledge and cultivation of several medicinal plants in a medicinal garden. b) The hygienic production of effective Natural Medicines from these plants, e.g. teas, different medicinal oils, ointments and tinctures. We will also produce different soaps, medicinal charcoal, black stones for snake-bites and ...

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