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ECHOcommunity is a membership community that provides access to nearly all of ECHO’s resources online, as well as communications tools to help development workers connect with each other.   View a list of ECHOcommunity.org features here.

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eWorkshop: Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration in the community
Wed, 2 September 2020 » Tue, 8 December 2020

COVID-19 recovery that builds back better needs to take into account equipping families and communities to be self-sufficient, meeting their daily needs as much as possible from their immediate environment, no matter what the economic circumstances their country is going through. Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) is a sustainable land managed technique developed and popularized by the Land 4 Life Award winner Tony Rinaudo. Adoption of FMNR and the changed behaviors that accompany it,...

LIVE TALK 01 – Risk management for agri-SME finance
Thu, 24 September 2020 » Thu, 24 September 2020

This is the first session of a LIVE TALK SERIES on "Risk Management for Agri-SME Finance" co-hosted by the Smallholder and Agri-SME Finance and Investment Network (SAFIN) and the Forum for Agricultural Risk Management in Development (FARM-D) in collaboration with the International Labour Organization's Social Finance Programme and the Platform for Agricultural Risk Management (PARM).

Webinar: Improving Nutrition Security with Biofortified Crops
Mon, 28 September 2020 » Mon, 28 September 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the value of biofortified staple crops as a practical, cost-effective way to deliver essential micronutrients to vulnerable rural communities in low- and middle-income countries—especially smallholder farming families who cannot afford or readily access nutritionally diverse diets.  In the wake of income shocks and other COVID-19-related disruptions, many of these families are relying even more on relatively affordable staple crops for sustenance. Biof...

ECHO International Agriculture Conference 2020 - ONLINE
Thu, 19 November 2020 » Thu, 19 November 2020

Online, United States

For twenty-six years, ECHO has brought together networks of like-minded individuals devoted to eradicating hunger and improving lives through agriculture and community development. In its 27th year, in light of constraints due to novel coronavirus, the ECHO International Agriculture Conference will be completely virtual in its presentation of speakers addressing agricultural challenges, personal experiences, and strategies for improving the lives of millions who daily face food insecurity.

Latest Resources

Farming for Change: A Participatory Integrated Curriculum Project

A group of scientists, farmers and staff from development organizations in Malawi and Tanzania put together an integrated curriculum on agroecology, climate change, nutritionand social equity. This training material was writ...

TN #96 Earthbag Seed Banks

Seed saving is an important topic in agricultural development work, and ECHO has published many pieces on various aspects of seed storage techniques,...

4 Key Findings: Smallholder Farmer Use of Mobile Phones for Agriculture

ICTWorks. 2020

ICTforAg services and solutions disseminated through mobile phones offer the promise to connect millions of smallholder farmers and improve their access to agricultural information. While new ICT4Ag ...

App: Bunching Vegetables

Available on:    iOS   Android

An interactive key and field guide for the identification of insects pests, beneficials, diseases and disorders in Australia.

Bunching vegetables covered by this guide are:<...

App: Solanaceae Fruit Field Guide

Available on:   iOS   Android

This field guide is designed to assist growers, workers, students, extension officers and farm advisers to identify insect or mite pests, beneficial organisms (‘beneficials’), diseases...

App: Pacific Pests & Pathogens

Available on:    iOS    Android

When crop pests and diseases occur farmers want immediate solutions. Time is of the essence. If they have to go searching for information which takes days to find, it might already b...

App: Rice Doctor

Available on :  iOS    Android  

Odisha Version :   Android

Tagalog Version:  iOS  Android

This interactive tool allows users to diagnose or at least make a short list of possible problems occur...

App: IDentifyIt Species

Available on:   iOS   Android

The IDentifyIt Species Tool is a practical, easy-to-use identification guide that works as an elimination key. It was created to assist customs officials, law enforcement officers, bor...

App: SweetPotato DiagNotes

Available on:  iOS    Android

Sweetpotato DiagNotes is an interactive tool for extension workers, students, researchers and others who want to learn about the crop; about the pest, disease and other problems that c...

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