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Vetiver Network's 7th International Conference on Vetiver Hybrid Event! 2023-05-23

Chiang Mai, Thailand & Online  |  May 29 - June 1, 2023

This hybrid event will be both in-person and online! Registration is still open (please ignore the May 15th deadline) for you to participate in this collaborative and educational event. The conference keynote speaker is Dr. Rattan Lal who has extensive experience with vetiver technologies. There will be exhibitions on the utilization of vetiver grass projects and vetiver handicraft training. A post-conference tour will head out into the field for a technical dive into vetiver applications. The conference will take place in-person at the Shangri-La Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Portions of the event will also be available online! 

Register Here   Learn more about the conference

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Upcoming events

ECHO Asia Tropical Agriculture & Development (TAD) Course
Mon, 26 June 2023 » Sat, 1 July 2023

Chiang Mai, Thailand

  This 1-week course is designed for development workers, missionaries, and volunteers looking to engage their communities with low-cost, high-impact agricultural practices and techniques. Participants will be introduced to a wide variety of agricultural practices and technologies through classroom time and hands-on activities on the farm, learning to 'use what you have to make what you need'. This course is considered an 'introductory survey course', and will present a broad overview o...

Introduction to Tropical Agriculture Development - July 2023
Mon, 10 July 2023 » Fri, 14 July 2023

ECHO Global Farm, USA

Those interested in preparing for short to long-term involvement in international agriculture development are encouraged to participate in this five-day course.  Topics and discussions will focus on improved food security and agricultural livelihoods for small-scale farmers in developing countries.  Participants will be introduced to the complexities related to poverty and community development.  They will also be introduced to principles and practices that contribute toward maintaining healt...

1st ECHO East Africa Symposium on Appropriate Technology Innovations and Renewable Energy 9 – 11 August, 2023 | Arusha, Tanzania
Wed, 9 August 2023 » Fri, 11 August 2023

Arusha, Tanzania

Greetings! You are invited to join us for the  1st ECHO East Africa Symposium on Appropriate Technology Innovations and Renewable Energy. We hope that you will make time to gather with us at this very important sharing opportunity among professionals and practitioners from the public and private sector especially development NGOs. It will be a valuable time of learning, information sharing and networking for those working and serving in the East Africa Region. Note: If you or your...

Agroecosystems for Smallholder Resilience
Mon, 11 September 2023 » Fri, 15 September 2023

ECHO Global Farm, USA

What is offered: This course is a deeper dive into sustainable agriculture options for smallholder farmers in the tropics. We will be taking a big-picture view as we look at agroecosystems as a whole. We will then dive deeper into systems function and design as we discuss the following four types of tropical agroecosystems: Conservation Agriculture Sloping Agricultural Land Technology Agroforestry System of Rice Intensification Course participants will get hands-on experie...

ECHO Asia Agriculture & Community Development Conference 2023
Mon, 16 October 2023 » Fri, 20 October 2023

Holiday Garden Hotel and Resort and The ECHO Asia Impact Center Farm and Seed Bank, Thailand

How can we help small scale farming initiatives thrive in Asia? We can provide low-cost, innovative options that allow people to grow both their crops and their knowledge, expand their operations, and thrive! Join us October 17-20 for 4-days of networking and opportunities to share ideas, technologies appropriate for small scale farmers, and lots of practical demonstrations at the ECHO Asia Seed Bank & Small Farm Resource Center! In addition to morning plenary speakers, we will cond...

Latest Resources

Guiding strategies for breeding vegetable cultivars

Silva Dias, J. (2014) Guiding strategies for breeding vegetable cultivars. Agricultural Sciences, 5, 9-32. doi: 10.4236/as.2014.51002.

Vegetables are considered essential for well-balanced diets. The production and...

Cornell Composting in Schools

As educators, we have an important task ahead. the next generation of decision-makers is being educated in your classroom. How can you help? By starting this generation off with information and habits that emphasize reducing...

The role of regenerative agriculture in sustainable land use

Regenerative agriculture is gaining momentum as a solution for providing positive environmental outcomes, while meeting the growing demand for food and fibre. However, there are competing approaches for how to balance the ne...

Regenerative agriculture-agroecology without politics?

Tittonell P, El Mujtar V, Felix G, Kebede Y, Laborda L, Luján Soto R and de Vente J (2022) Regenerative agriculture—agroecology without politics? Front. Sustain. Food Syst. 6:844261. doi: 10.3389/fsufs.2022.844261


Composting in the Classroom: Scientific Inquiry for High School Students

The goal of Composting in the Classroom is to provide high school science teachers with the background needed to engage students in research focusing on composting. There are a number of reasons why composting research lends...

Plant breeding with farmers - A technical manual

Salvatore Ceccarelli. (2/5/2012). Plant Breeding with Farmers: A technical manual. Beirut, Lebanon: International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA).

This manual on Participatory Plant Breed...

Resources for Pakistan

How to Culture Black Soldier Fly : Organic feed for fishes, poultry and swine

Black soldier flies are small, harmless insects that have the potential to provide promising solutions to two of modern fishery, poultry, swine and agriculture’s growing problems: the high cost of animal feed and the disposa...

Black Soldier Fly Rearing Manual 2020

This manual is about the rearing of the Black Soldier Fly, from the capture of the first wild flies to their reproduction and the feeding of the larvae. Explanations and pictures about how to do it, quantitative metrics as w...

Insects as Sustainable Food Ingredients : Production, Processing and Food Applications

Insects as Sustainable Food Ingredients: Production, Processing and Food Applications describes how insects can be mass produced and incorporated into our food supply at an industrial and cost-effective scale, providing valu...