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Low Oxygen Methods for Insect Control in Seeds

ECHO International Agriculture Conference 2019: Topic Summaries

Echoes from our Network: Roger Gietzen on the topic of syntropic farming

Books, Web Sites and Other Resources: Vetiver Latrine


Roger Gietzen on the topic of syntropic farming

Roger Gietzen

After reading the review of Syntropic Farming Guide in EDN 145, Roger Gietzen had some further thoughts to share on the topic of syntropic farming. 

2019 ECHO International Agriculture Conference

ECHO Staff

ECHO’s 26th Annual International Agriculture Conference was held in November 2019. Below are brief summaries of a few of the plenary sessions and workshops. These and other talks, video, and slide presentations are available on ECHOcommunity.org.

Low Oxygen Methods for Insect Control in Seeds

Tim Motis

This article summarizes several methods with which I have experimented to control various types of weevils in stored seed. Seed containers can range in size from small jars to barrels/drums, but must be airtight for these techniques to work. The techniques are relevant for seeds being stored for household planting or grain consumption, and can also be applied by community seed banks looking for low-cost control alternatives to chemical protectants and toxic fumigants.