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ECHO Asia Ag Operations Manager, Boonsong, discusses production with local partner in Myanmar


We do this by providing free resources, information, training, and seeds

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2019/2020 Seed Catalog Now Available!

to our network members residing in Asia.ECHO Asia, a regional extension arm of ECHO, exists to equip and empower workers in agriculture and community development so that they can be more effective in their work with smallholder farmers and the poor in Asia to improve food security and livelihoods.

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Services Offered

  • ECHO Asia Notes and News- technical articles on a wide variety of topics as well as information on upcoming events and happenings in the network. We currently translate these articles into 7 other regional languages including Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Indonesian, Hindi and Khmer. All of these resources are available here on ECHOcommunity.org
  • Sharing of new ideas & information- we desire to “ECHO” and promote good agricultural practices happening in Asia!
  • Hosting Agriculture and Community Development events- we routinely host regional and country-wide workshops with organizational partners in order to offer context-relevant information in local languages.
  • Cultivating seeds and sharing seed banking techniques! We currently produce a catalog of nearly 175 seeds from the Chiang Mai Thailand Seed Bank- a continuously expanding seed inventory is available and for sale on ECHOcommunity.org. Our members qualify for 10 free seed packets per year!
  • Partnering with our network to print expanded resources for sale and in our resource library. We have nearly 60 books available at cost at the office and a resource library of nearly 850!
  • Offering technical responses to field questions from network.
  • Providing on-site consultations for organizations and individuals.
  • Volunteer Opportunities & Internships are available to our network and those that wish to learn more about sustainable agriculture, seed banking, research and living cross-culturally. 

For more information please email us at echoasia@echonet.org

Visiting the Small Farm Resource Center & Seed Bank

We are pleased to welcome visitors to our Small Farm Resource Center & Seed Bank in San Pa Pao, San Sai, Chiang Mai! If you are interested in taking a tour, please contact us by email (asiahospitality@echonet.org). At this time, we are NOT open on the weekends, but we would be pleased to offer a tour Tuesday-Friday mornings. This map below can guide local drivers to our location. You can also CLICK HERE to be directed to the Google Maps link. 

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Dr. Ed Sabio, Director

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Mailing Address

Office: PO Box 64, Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand

Physical Address

Office: 270/5 Tung Hotel Road Soi 6, T.Watget, A.Meung, Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand

ECHO Asia Small Farm Resource Center & Seed Bank: San Pa Pao, San Sai, Chiang Mai 50210 Thailand

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ECHO Asia Impact Center Updates

Agriculture Training and Youth Motivation in NW Cambodia - Launch 2019-04-17

Guest Post by ECHOcommunity member: Muneezay Jaffery

This is part 3 of a series describing how one network organization is progressing with development of training facilities and curriculum.

On 20 December 2018, we organised a launch ceremony by inviting village and commune leaders, representatives from the provincial government and NGO partners that enabled us to complete the work on time. This truly recognizes the space as a community-led project, while Green Shoots has constructed this building there is fluidity in its function, use and purpose. For now, the purpose is agriculture training, but this can develop into enterprise hub for agribusinesses or it can become a community-learning centre.

Opening Ceremony - Green Shoots founder Jean-Marc

Photo Credit: Muneezay Jaffery

The team are now doing village outreach work with banners and hand-outs at the ready. So far we have visited nearly 10 villages in the vicinity informing residents about the new “school” what courses we offer, how the courses are structured. We plan to offer three main courses for the first Quarter of 2019. This includes: Horticulture Training/ Chicken Raising and Earthblock making. A few learning outcomes we want to achieve from the lessons are:

  • Students understand the holistic nature of the agritech Centre
  • An improved grasp of theoretical concepts around: Climate Change/ The role of smallholder farming and role of rural communities in food security
  • Ultimately we want them to not only see the bigger picture but also realise they play a key part in this.
  • We want to instil ownership and responsibility of the site into the students.

There are challenges at hand- are people interested? What sets us apart? How can we ensure regular attendance? Our approach is to pilot out our timetable on rotation. This offers students flexibility in attendance by gaining credits as and when they finish a course.

Simultaneously we are establishing partnerships with prosperous Cambodian agri-enterprises such as Amru Rice and microfinance companies to complement our trainings with enterprise development/ explaining loan cycles or just giving students a mock interview to prepare them. For many they can be agri-businesses to inspire being a part of.

About ECHO Asia Impact Center

ECHO Asia Sabine w farmer
Technical advisor, Sabine, trains on fruits in Sri Lanka

Despite considerable economic gains over the past three decades, due to the region's vastness, its enormous population, as well as uneven economic growth, Asia remains home to two-thirds of the world's poor. Remaining challenges related to regional poverty and food insecurity include:

More than 600 million Asians live in absolute poverty (less than $1 a day) and 2/3 of the world’s hungry people live in Asia.

Although Asia's share of the global gross domestic product is expected to approach 42 percent by 2015, the region will still be home to half of the world's poor.

Growth in rice production, Asia's staple, has slowed and rice production areas are in decline.

Growing resource scarcity (i.e., water and arable land) will increasingly constrain food production growth.


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The ECHO Asia Small Farm Resource Center and Seed Bank is only 25 minutes outside of Chiang Mai! Please contact us at asiahospitality@echonet.org to schedule a tour!