February 2018

Grafting Training Exchange and Network Development

February 20, 2018 08:00 - February 27, 2018 17:00

Presented By: Frutas del Mundo and ECHO

Organized by Frutas del Mundo Farm in Guatemala and ECHO Latin America/Caribbean Regional Impact Team, this Training Exchange will allow Frutas del Mundo and ECHO staff to teach and learn from each other grafting techniques for tropical fruit trees, and hold a practical training for nursery workers and grafters from farms in three sites in Guatemala.

This event is an opportunity to exchange information, contacts, and experiences in areas relevant to Guatemalan farming families and the linkages between agriculture, nutrition and health.  Event organizers will also have the opportunity to visit with practitioners, particularly working with homegardens, from Seeds of the Future and the Mayan Health Alliance/Wuqu' Kawoq, as well as from the National Agriculture School (ENCA, Escuela Nacional Central de Agricultura).

March 2018

3rd ECHO East Africa Pastoralist Symposium

March 06, 2018 07:00 - March 08, 2018 17:00

Sportsmans Arms Hotel, Kenya
Presented By: ECHO East Africa

ECHO East Africa welcomes your participation in the 3rd ECHO East Africa Pastoralist Symposium in Nanyuki, Kenya from 6th -8th March, 2018 at the Sportsmans Arms Hotel. With a great anticipation we hope that the molding together of the topics discussed, action agenda produced during the afternoon workshops on Days 2 & 3, as well as the networking which will occur, will significantly impact our future work together.

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March 13, 2018 08:00 - February 15, 2018 18:00

Salle de conférence de SAMARITAN'S PURSE, NIGER

L'ONG ECHO West Africa et son partenaire SAMARITAN'S PURSE du Niger organisent un Atélier sur l'agriculture durable à Niamey au Niger du 13 au 15 Mars 2018. Ce forum ECHO vise le renforcement de capacité des peersonnes qui luttent contre la faim, la pauvreté et de celles qui servent les pauvres en Afrique.

L'atélier se déroulera pendant trois (03) jours; il sera animé par des personnes ressources du Niger et de la sous région Ouest-africaine.

Chaya in Guatemala: Participatory consultation on needs, challenges and opportunities

March 13, 2018 08:30 - March 13, 2018 16:00

Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Guatemala
Presented By: Bioversity International and Universidad del Valle de Guatemala

The purpose of this conference and consultation is to share the results of a value chain and marketing study recently undertaken in Guatemala on chaya (Cnidoscolus aconitifolius). The event will be also an opportunity for cross learning among key institutions working on chaya in Guatemala, Mexico and the US. An open debate involving civil society, public sector and national and international organizations, will review the needs, challenges and opportunities for upgrading the value chain of this highly nutritious vegetable in Guatemala.

The meeting is jointly organized by Bioversity International and Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, in cooperation with the International Fund for Agricultural development (IFAD), the European Union (EU) and the CGIAR Research Programmes on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) and Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH).

Conference presentations will be shared on ECHOcommunity shortly after the event.

International Hydroponics Course

March 15, 2018 15:23 - March 17, 2018 15:23

https://voyagerstartrek.wixsite.com/libros/sede Holiday Inn Express Toluca , Mexico
Presented By: Mexican Hydroponic Association A.C.

Growing Plants Without Soil

April 2018

AgReach - Spring Symposium on Revalorizing Extension: Evidence and Practice

April 02, 2018 13:29 - April 03, 2018 13:29

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Presented By: AgReach

This symposium will bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss and deliberate on:

  • How to highlight extension’s crucial role in international agricultural development
  • What works in agricultural/rural advisory services and why
  • How to effectively deliver extension services to smallholder farmers
  • What it takes to increase support for extension services


Topics of Interest:

  • Effective extension methods at the farmer, organizational, and country/system levels
  • Innovative approaches to sustainably reach women farmers and youth
  • Using ICTs to empower staff and reach more farmers
  • The political economy of agricultural extension
  • Extension in post-conflict and post-disaster contexts
  • Partnerships to strengthen extension
  • Extension for improved nutrition, natural resource management, and sustainable agriculture

Event hosted by: AgReach; Office of International Programs; University of Illinois College of ACES; INGENAES; Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program

Introduction to Permaculture

April 30, 2018 14:40 - May 04, 2018 14:41

ECHO Global Farm, United States of America
Presented By: ECHO Inc

Permaculture or Permanent Agriculture is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, and resilience of natural ecosystems. This deliberate design is based on the ethics of caring for others and creation while cultivating a fair share for everyone.

This course will bring a wholistic perspective on agriculture and development centered around a biblical approach on permaculture. Our goal is for you to understand permaculture as an option for interacting with creation in your sphere of influence. This will help to equip the people you are working with to utilize their resources and to design abundance into their farming systems. Classes will be structured with hands-on activities, interactive lectures, and on-farm learning.

**While this course does not satisfy the requirements for a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC), it will give you a good foundation for pursuing a PDC in the future.  
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July 2018

Tropical Agriculture Development: The Basics - July 2018

July 23, 2018 16:14 - July 27, 2018 16:14

ECHO Global Farm, United States of America
Presented By: ECHO

Those interested in preparing for short/long-term involvement in agricultural development internationally  are encouraged to participate in this one-week course held two times a year. Course participants will gain an introduction to aspects of poverty and community development and an orientation to ECHO. They will also receive instruction on proven agricultural principles/practices and practical techniques, systems and technologies to meet agricultural and nutritional needs of small-scale, impoverished farmers. There will also be time for hands-on work on the farm, visits with staff, and study in the library. Course content is presented from a biblical perspective. 

Who the course is for:

This course will especially benefit those who are considering short- or long-term involvement in international agricultural development work. It can also be of benefit to those who have been on the field doing development work for a few years but who would like to take a step back and re-evaluate their approach. Those who could benefit from this course include short-term or career missionaries, international project volunteers (e.g. Peace Corps), leaders of relief-oriented organizations, or missions committee leaders of churches involved in agricultural projects overseas. 

What is offered:

This course covers a broad range of topics relevant to those starting out in agricultural development in a tropical environment.  The purpose of this class is to expose you to several different ideas and concepts.  Although a significant amount of time will be spent looking at examples on the ECHO Farm, given the breadth of topics covered, extensive hands-on farm work should not be an expectation of taking this course.


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August 2018

Best Practices to Improve Nutrition in Dryland Areas Symposium - August 2018

August 07, 2018 07:00 - August 09, 2018 19:00

Naura Springs Hotel - Arusha, Tanzania
Presented By: World Vision Tanzania - ECHO East Africa - Amaranth Institute Symposium

Greetings! You are cordially invited to join us for this important symposium jointly organized by World Vision Tanzania, ECHO East Africa, and Amaranth Institute. We hope that you will make time to gather with us at this very important event, a valuable time of learning, information sharing and networking for those working and serving dryland areas especially in the East Africa Region. 

This Symposium will provide a network and training opportunity for those involved in improving nutrition, alleviating hunger and addressing poverty in dryland areas with special emphasis in East Africa. Three mornings of plenary sessions featuring knowledgeable and experienced speakers will be followed by afternoon workshops and discussion groups led by regional and international agricultural development workers and experts. 

Symposium Dates
6th August - Check-in and Fellowship
7-9th August - Meeting Days
10th August - Optional Post Symposium Tours, and Check-out

Presenters Wanted

There are a limited number of speaking and presentation positions available for this event. If you are interested in presenting at the Symposium, please fill out this form.

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September 2018

Introduction to Tropical and Underutilized Crops

September 10, 2018 15:43 - September 14, 2018 15:43

ECHO Global Farm, United States of America
Presented By: ECHO

Did you know that of 250,000 identified plant species worldwide that only 30 species provide 95 percent of our global food energy needs? And that only three of these crops – wheat, maize and rice – provide half of the world’s food?


With severe weather extremes and other risks to global food security, many agricultural experts agree that global cropping systems should be as diversified as possible. As small-scale farms are particularly vulnerable to climatic and economic instability, underutilized crops may be key to their resilience.


Underutilized crops are those with “underexploited potential for contributing to food security, nutrition, health, income generation and environmental services.” The ECHO Underutilized Crops Workshop (September 10-14) will not only introduce participants to various less known crops but will also spotlight opportunities for their production and utilization.


The workshop will also include practical nutrition activities in which various underutilized crops on the ECHO farm will be harvested and prepared into meals.

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