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Additional seeds are available for those working in Asia through the ECHO Asia Seed Bank. Please read through this page before ordering seeds. Thank you!


The goal of the ECHO Global Seed Bank, located at our North America Regional Impact Center in North Fort Myers, Florida, USA, is to serve as a resource for development workers who wish to experiment with underutilized crops as they work to improve the lives of small scale farmers and gardeners. The seed bank maintains a collection of hard-to-find seeds that thrive under the often difficult growing conditions of the tropics and sub-tropics.

Free Trial Seeds For Development Workers

ECHO seed banks provide small sample packets of seed to those working on behalf of the poor in developing countries. Trial seeds can be used to evaluate new species that may help to diversify food crop options, improve soil fertility, provide useful farm product, and generate income for small scale farmers. The trial packets have about enough seed to plant a single 30 foot row.

Active development workers who are members of ECHOcommunity may request up to 10 seed packets per year at no charge. Qualified individuals can register for a no-cost membership. If you do not qualify as an "Active Development Worker" seed services may requested for consideration.

Before Ordering Trial Seeds

Up to 10 packets of sample seeds are available free for active development workers in a calendar year. To find out if you qualify and to receive your "promotional code" to use when submitting your order, please fill out this form. Please order all 10 sample packets at once to save on processing and shipping costs. If you order more than two of any variety we reserve the right to limit the order to two packets depending on our supply. Please be aware that a response to your request for the promotional code may only be replied to during regular working hours (8a.m. - 5p.m, Monday through Friday EST).

NOTE: Please be aware that some countries require an Import Permit and/or a Phytosanitary Certificate in order to allow seeds into the country. If you want your seeds sent to a country that has these requirements, you are responsible for acquiring and paying for these documents. Most Western countries and many Central American countries have strict import laws. It is not ECHO's responsibility if your government confiscates the seeds.  If you are not sure about your country's laws, ask your Department of Agriculture. We can obtain a Phytosanitary Certificate if you need one; it will cost you $75 US Dollars. Please e-mail us before you order seeds if you are unsure of your country's import regulations.  

Ordering Instructions:

  • Search the Online ECHO Global Seed Bank Catalog, for the items for your trial. This seed bank is located in the USA. 
  • Place up to 10 varieties in your cart (please, no more than two packets per variety.)
  • At checkout: Enter the promotional code you received from ECHO. (To request the promo code, fill out this form and an ECHO staff member will respond.)
  • In some cases, you may wish to order additional seeds and pay for them. If you add more than 10 seed packets to your cart, you will be charged for them.
  • Submit your order. Orders are generally shipped within 2 weeks.
Please keep in mind that our seed bank is not a commercial seed company. We rely on a few staff, interns, and volunteers to produce, package, and process seed orders. Typically orders are processed and shipped within 2 weeks of the date your order is placed. Orders are shipped by US Postal Service international first class standard shipping. Your patience is appreciated

Looking for help?

ECHO offers many species and varieties of underutilized food plants likely to grow well under difficult growing conditions. Many of these species may be new to you - we are here to help you choose the species that will best suit your needs and your area.

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