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Triage and Recovery of Small Fallen Trees

Tim Motis and Luke Little

Hurricane Ian felled trees on ECHO’s Global Demonstration farm in southwest Florida in September 2022. A fallen tree can recover if most of the roots remain attached to the trunk. This article shares a step-by-step process that the staff at ECHO Florida used following Hurricane Irma and implemented after Hurricane Ian. It incorporates input shared by Dr. Jonathan Crane, Associate Center Director, Professor, and Tropical Fruit Crop Specialist at the Tropical Research and Education Center. The process could apply to other storm-affected areas and be adapted based on available materials.

2022 ECHO International Agriculture Conference

ECHO Staff

These articles summarize some of the talks presented at the 2022 ECHO International Agriculture Conference. Videos and PowerPoints can be found here

Low Resource Control of Leaf Cutter Ants

Jason Weigner

Few things are as devastating as surveying your full garden one day only to wake up the following morning to find every leaf stripped from your crops with nothing but a trail of a few semi-circular fragments of your precious plants leading away from your garden. I am not sure there is any other creature that I find incredibly fascinating and also loathe as much as the leaf cutter ant.

Guazuma ulmifolia, a multi-purpose tree

Robert Walle

Guazuma ulmifolia, also known as West Indian elm or “guacimo,” sustains the livestock of many small farmers at the end of the dry season when grasses are scarce. It is one of the first perennial plants to establish in degraded or disturbed areas.