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This collection contains resources and photos from ECHO Asia On-Farm Feeds WS on 8 April 2022

On-Farm Feed WS flyer

  1. 08-04-2022 This presentation shows the importance of considering other means of feeding livestock, components of different feed requirementsfor different livestock (pigs, poultry, fish, ruminants), and how to perhaps develop a fully nutritious and cost efficient on-farm feed.
  2. 08-04-2022 This presentation helps to help prevent the spread of the African Swine Fever Virus and other illnesses that can impact livestock. Good planning and consistent execution of biosecurity measures can help reduce the risk to livelihoods dependent on livestock.
  3. These are a few images from the On-Farm Feeds Workshop on 8 April2022.CLICK HERE to return toworkshop resources.
  4. Vi-rút Dịch Tả Heo Châu Phi và Các Ảnh Hưởng của nó đến Ngành Chăn Nuôi Heo Toàn Cầu Cùng với sự thịnh vượng trên toàn cầu tăng lên, nhu cầu về protein động vật cũng tăng theo. Thịt heo trở thành loại thịt được tiêu thụ nhiều nhất trong các loài động vật trên cạn, với 37% tổng lượng thịt tiêu thụ...
  5. 05-10-2019 Animal integration and feeding strategies for the tropical smallholder farm: Approaches and methods for increasing sustainability and profitability Copyright 2019 Keith Mikkelson – ECHO Asia Impact Center Integrated livestock systems can provide many benefits. With careful planning and by...
  6. Tài Nguyên Chính This article is from ECHO Asia Note # 42 The integration of livestock on the smallholder farm is often a key component to the long-term sustainability of the farm, specifically by means of critical nutrient cycling. Livestock play a unique and critical role on the farm, transforming plant and...
  7. 15-09-2021 Critical to the success of a small-scale farm is its ability to turn on-farm waste into alternative value-added products. By integrating the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) on the farm, small-scale enterprises can do just that. Taking common waste products such as food scraps and manure,...

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