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  1. This volume presents numberous data on locally available sources for improving the diet and by recommending and describing methods that are not beyond the capacity of the rural population.
  2. Chinese, Japanese, Thai: Growing, selecting & cooking! 2 Copies
  3. This publication was intended for use in the training of vegetable specialists and as a reference for vegetable researchers and extension workers.
  4. Offers advice for planning, planting, and caring for a vegetable garden, provides specific information for more than thirty of the most popular vegetables, and includes harvesting and storing tips
  5. Discusses the quality of American food, explains how to select the most nutritious varieties of fruits and vegetables, and offers advice on their cultivation, harvest, and storage
  6. 1996-01-01 The practical cook's guide to every type of vegetable, with over 300 delicious recipes. Color illustrations.
  7. 1992-01-01 The author recounts the pleasure of serving home-grown vegetables during the winter months and provides instructions on how to accomplish this in your own garden. 2 Copies
  8. 1991-01-01 The range of vegetables species grown and found in markets is much larger in the tropics than in temperate countries and plays an important part in improving the diet. This book deals with the special methods of vegetable cultivation, the cultivation of the major vegetable families and groups,...
  9. Asian Garden 2 Table LLC is a small “mom & pop” family business, dedicated to the purpose of purveying information, material goods and services related to the gardening, preparation, and consumption of fresh vegetable based meals. As you can see from the site, we offer tips on urban/suburban...
  10. 2015-10-12 We have all been there. You go to the market and can't find anything edible. At least anything you know how to cook, much less how to pronounce! But no longer! With this book, you have the power to banish market blues and show off to all your friends when you instruct them on ways to prepare...