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    2011-07-20 In her book, Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties (reviewed in EDN 87), Carol Deppe mentions an open-pollinated, orange-fleshed tomato variety called ‘Caro Rich.’ The book states that ‘Caro Rich’ is second only to carrot as a source of beta-carotene (Vitamin A). It is an indeterminate variety, so...
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    1999-10-19 Information and experience producing Paprika peppers. Paprika belongs to the species ofCapsicum annuum, which includes both pungent and sweet peppers. Peppers belong to the larger family of Solanaceae which includes tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum), tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) and “Irish” potato...
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    2001-10-20 Cranberry hibiscusisone of the most striking and colorful plants in the “edible landscape” section at ECHO.
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    2002-01-20 Several years ago (in EDN Issue 43, December 1993), we wrote that seed was available for a carrot that will set seed in the tropics (normally carrots only produce seed in temperate climates with a cold winter). Dr. Warwick Kerr sent us the original ‘Uberlandia’ carrot seed from Brazil nearly ten...
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    1998-05-19 The two things that make Yardlong Beans so special are the exceptionally long edible pods (12-30 inches/30-75 cm) and its ability to resist disease in hot, humid weather
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    2007-01-20 Seed saving is surprisingly easy with some vegetables, possible but somewhat difficult for others, and almost impossible for still other vegetable crops. It would help to know what the issues are; some basic techniques for seed saving; and which vegetables are easy and which are more difficult.
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    2007-01-20 Lagos spinach (Celosia argentea; a.k.a. quail grass, soko, celosia, feather cockscomb) is a low-maintenance broadleaf annual crop that will grow with minimal effort and resources. This underexploited leafy vegetable is easy to plant, grows in most climates and soils, withstands drought and heat,...
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    2005-10-01 Okra provides food, feed, forage, fiber, foliage, fuel and cooking oil.
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    2009-01-20 Native to Central America, Jicama is also known as the Mexican Turnip or Yam Bean. The edible part is a large tuber that develops just below the surface of the ground (Figure 3). The rest of the plant is mildly toxic.
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    2010-04-01 ECHO emphasizes the many benefits of growing perennial vegetables. By this we mean vegetables that are planted once and eaten from for years. The benefits are many and can be especially helpful to the families of PLWHA, who have diminished labor availability and perhaps less land and money to...