1. 1987-01-01
  2. Tells how to control birds, rodents, wild animals, dogs, cats, and insects without using chemicals.
  3. The purpose of this book is to help only those who want to grow their own food organically, and won't plow through a dozen texts to learn the basics.
  4. This publication includes an article from EDN #123 with additional pictures from Bill & Gerry Cotton's garden.
  5. This publication describes how to make compost in 14 days.
  6. This booklet providesan overview of gardening techniques.
  7. A complete garden reference on controlling insects and plant diseases without pesticides. Over 800 garden problems corrected, scores of garden plants considered, and many identifying drawings and helpful photographs. 2 Copies
  8. 1977-01-01 This booklet discusses some of the 1977 ideas of how to garden organically.
  9. A text composed of factual outlines, this teaching guide is designed in a simplified manner to help you interpret the organic method of gardening. The basic units are presented as chapters in outline form.
  10. Anything you would need to know about organic gardening is in this book.