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  1. 1992-06-19 More discussion on consumption of Velvet Beans.
  2. 1992-06-19 Recipe for making catsup (ketchup) from squash.
  3. 1992-06-19 A method for using the fruit ("apple") to which the cashew nut is attached.
  4. 1993-12-19 Information about the possibility of using egusi seeds to produce a milk substitute.
  5. 1994-07-19 Dried Moringa leaves have significant amounts of beta carotene.
  6. 1995-10-19 Leaf Concentrateis an extremely nutritious food used to alleviate malnutrition. The process ofmaking LC separates the protein, vitamins, and minerals from the fibrous portion of fresh green leaves. LC is very rich in vitamin A, iron, calcium, high-quality protein, and other key dietary elements....
  7. 1996-04-19 Home grown beans produce less gas.
  8. 2017-02-09 RIPAT (Rural Initiatives for Participatory Agricultural Transformation) is a participatory extension approach aims to close the agricultural technology gap as a means of improving livelihoods and self-support among rural small-scale farmers. The approach is as well a documented step-by-step guide...
  9. 1994-10-19 Information regarding Quinoa.
  10. 1995-01-19 More information about detoxifying Velvet Beans.