1. 1998-05-19 Peanut butter is easy to make. This article gives detailed instructions.
  2. 1999-07-19 ECHO and others have published articles about the many uses, nutritional content and hardiness of this drought-resistant "vegetable tree." This report contains valuable technical information and adds an important human face by reporting results of an evaluation of the project and interviews with...
  3. 1999-10-19 Salt licks can provide the minerals that are often lacking, such as phosphorus, sodium, calcium and magnesium. Salt licks can be purchased to improve production, but limited cash and/or proximity to a town or village may prohibit doing so regularly. It is possible, however, to make your own salt...
  4. 1999-12-19 How to calculate protein content of fresh forage.
  5. 2000-06-20 A report on the work of Nikolaus and Gabriele Foidl with Moringa in Nicaragua.
  6. 2001-07-20 Perennials that year after year incorporate atmospheric carbon dioxide into biomass, improve our environment, and give us useful food, feed and fuel are wonderful plants. Residents of West Africa have long recognized the African oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) as such a plant. There may be places...
  7. 2001-10-20 A few years ago (August, 1999), David Kennedy from Leaf for Life shared some experiences with drying leaves in Latin America.
  8. 2001-10-20 A booklet by Leaf for Life called “Drying Green Leaves in the Sun” has some helpful hints about drying leaves and what to do with the leaf powder.
  9. 2003-01-20 Chaya is sometimes dubbed "the spinach tree." It is a fast growing drought and disease-resistant shrub that provides large quantities of edible, very nutritious leaves.
  10. 1996-10-19 The atemoya is one of those fewfruits that can be considered a fully adequate dessert.