1. A collection of plant data that details principal use, general information, adaptability and uses.
  2. The interdependence of soils, vegetation, and wildlife is a phenomenon now recognized to be of great practical significance. Vegetation, the prime instrument for conserving soil, also affords habitats for wildlife. Intelligent use of vegetation, therefore, perpetuates two fundamental natural...
  3. 01/04/1998 Traditionally the people of Sri Lanka consume vegetable cooked as curries with the dietary staple, rice. Legumes, in general, play a vital role in Sri Lankan diets and they are being consumed as green vegetables or pulses. Edible legumes are excellent sources of dietary protein and oil....
  4. 01/01/1998 Fodder scarcity is a major constraint faced by farming communities throughout the world. This is often the result of the degradation of traditional fodder sources in forest and village common lands. Consequently, to meet their needs, farmers must produce at least some fodder in their agricultural...
  5. 01/12/1986 11 pages, illustrated, photos Circular S-330
  6. 01/01/1986 32 pages, illustrated, photos Series: 04EB-09.03
  7. 01/03/1979 12 pages, illustrated, photos Circular S-260
  8. No page numbers, tables
  9. A publication on Macuna divided into general info, production, food prep, forage/feed, newsletter, and phytochemistry. 1 notebook 2 copies
  10. 01/01/1956 Section 2 of a series 37 pages, illustrated, photos