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    01/01/2014 Pour obtenir une productivité agricole élevée dans les tropiques au meilleur coût économique et écologique, il faut bien comprendre le rapport entre les nutriments présents dans le sol et la productivité des cultures. Pour ce faire, il nous faut remettre en question certaines idées reçues. La...
  2. 01/12/2001 2 volumes Part I, Research publications in international journals Part 2, Reviews
  3. 01/06/2011 13 pages, illustrated African Organic Agriculture Manual Booklet Series, no. 2
  4. 01/01/2004 Notebook, various page numbers, illustrated
  5. 01/01/1995 32 pages, illustrated
  6. 01/01/1996 Agrodok 2 27 pages, tables
  7. 01/10/2000 64 pages, illustrated, photos Policy and Best Practice Document 7
  8. 01/01/1990 This IIED booklet draws conclusions on the relevance of development of small scale farmers' activities to restore soil and soil fertility in Hondurus.
  9. 01/01/1980 This book explains how "any soil can be cultivated and any plants grown, a garden in which no treatment of any kind, prevention or curative will be applied, considering as we do that a treated soil or plant is incapable of producing a sturday lineage." It also contains information on producing...
  10. Sustainability of agricultural systems is a major global concern due to population growth and a number of environmental factors. This book addresses the key to the development of sustainable agriculture-management of soil fertility. Combining data from temperate and tropical regions, it presents...