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Low-Cost Seed Storage Technologies

Tim Motis


Les deux déshydratants se sont avérés efficaces pour maintenir la teneur en humidité de référence des semences, mais seules les billes de séchage à la zéolite® ont réduit l’humidité des semences au fil du temps. L’oxyde de calcium est plus largement disponible (sous forme de chaux vive) que les billes de séchage à la zéolite® mais nécessite plus de chaleur pour être réutilisée—après saturation en humidité—que les billes de séchage à la zéolite®. Les billes de séchage à la zéolite®, au ratio utilisé dans l’essai, ont séché les semences au point où les pourcentages de germination finaux ont été affectés négativement.

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ECHO Asia Agriculture & Community Development Conference 2023
lun, 16 octobre 2023 » ven, 20 octobre 2023

Holiday Garden Hotel and Resort and The ECHO Asia Impact Center Farm and Seed Bank, Thailand

Register now! Early bird rates end August 31!   How can we help small scale farming initiatives thrive in Asia? We can provide low-cost, innovative options that allow people to grow both their crops and their knowledge, expand their operations, and thrive! Join us October 17-20 for 4-days of networking and opportunities to share ideas, technologies appropriate for small scale farmers, and lots of practical demonstrations at the ECHO Asia Seed Bank & Small Farm Resource Center! ...

The 30th Annual ECHO® International Agriculture Conference 
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ECHO Global Farm and Crowne Plaza Fort Myers Gulf Coast Hotel, Ft. Myers, USA  , USA

Celebrating 30 years of learning together Welcome to the 30th annual ECHO International Agriculture Conference!  The plenary speakers, breakout sessions, and workshops provide opportunities for learning with others devoted to eradicating hunger and improving lives through agriculture, clean water, and community development.  Speakers share their agricultural challenges and successes, personal experiences, and transferrable principles for daily improving the lives of millions facing food in...

Faith and Farming: A LEAD Community of Practice Training Event
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ECHO Asia Small Farm Resource Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand

  Faith and Farming is a scripture engagement initiative, connecting the Bible with everyday farmers experiences. It has two goals, to help those working on the land to: 1) engage with all of the Bible in the language that they use as they work on their farms or with their animals, and 2) make a connection between their faith in God and their day to day work, so that their whole life is impacted and reflects God’s greatness in everything they do and say. To do this, the Faith an...

ECHO Asia Tropical Agriculture & Development (TAD) Course
lun, 19 février 2024 » sam, 24 février 2024

ECHO Asia Small Farm Resource Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand

This 1-week course is designed for development workers, missionaries, and volunteers looking to engage their communities with low-cost, high-impact agricultural ideas and techniques. Participants will be introduced to various agricultural practices and technologies through classroom time and hands-on activities on the farm, learning to 'use what you have to make what you need.' This course is considered an 'introductory survey course' and will present a broad overview of many options suite...

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Victory Gardens - The Face-To-Face Project

Our Victory Garden Campaign aims to mobilize rural grassroots communities in Malawi and Cambodia to achieve sustainable solutions in the fight against hunger and poverty. Through the creation of high-yield, low cost victory ...

Cria de Chanchos: A Nivel familiar: Serie de Educacion Agropecuaria "Buen Agricultor" # 3

Spanish language

Serie de Educacion Agropecuaria 

"Buen Agricultir" numero 3 


Huerta Casera; Home Grown Garden

Serie de Educacion Agropecuaria 

"Buen Agricultir" numero 1 

Chacra en rotacion con ovejas tropicales

Serie de Educacion Agropecuaria 

"Buen Agricultir" numero 4 

23 pp. : ill. 

Gift of Dr John P. Bishop, June 28, 2023

Basic seed and soil preparation for propagation - techniques used at ECHO Florida

Basic seed and soil preparation for propagation - techniques used at ECHO Florida

Session: Propagation techniques, in particular seed and soil bed preparation, methods which enhance success and are used at ECHO Florida in the nursery which provides thousands of fruit trees for sale to th...

Basic vegetative propagation by grafting and budding

Basic vegetative propagation by grafting and budding

Session: Sharing practical propagation techniques, in particular, grafting and budding, methods which enhance success and are used at ECHO East Africa and ECHO Florida in the nurseries which provide thousan...

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