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  1. 1987-11-01 No page numbers. Includes booklet
  2. 1975-01-01 48 pages, illustrated, photos
  3. 1995-01-01 Agrodok Series no. 31 74 pages, illustrated, tables
  4. 1994-01-01 58 pages Bulletin 64
  5. 1980-08-01 32 pages, tables Tropical Products Institute, G138
  6. 1983-01-01 14 pages, tables 10th Anniversary Monograph Series
  7. 1993-01-01 46 pages, illustrated
  8. Deals with improving grain storage conditions as well as post-harvest pest control techniques in El Salvador. 33 pages 2 copies
  9. 2011-07-20 We share many ideas in EDN for agricultural techniques that can increase crop production. Higher production translates into more food and potentially more income; this is very important, especially for farmers whose livelihood comes from a small piece of land.Another way to increase food supply...
  10. Abstract,Indian Journal Of Traditional Knowledge, 2007 Indigenous practices play a vital role in sustainable agriculture development and are unique to a given culture of society. An exhaustive survey was conducted in dry tracts of Tamil Nadu to document the indigenous storage structures used by...