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  1. The Family Preparedness Handbook serves as a compendium of family preparedness ideas. The main purpose of the handbook has been to organize some of the many ideas and methods currently available into a single volume to provide a framework on which families may rely for making the best of basics....
  2. The use of appropriate storage technologies is an important way of improving food security and lowering the risk of famine in the countries of the South. Storage is therefore an integral part of the food cycle. This book focuses on the storage of the staple commodities such as grains and root...
  3. 1987-11-01 No page numbers. Includes booklet
  4. 1975-01-01 48 pages, illustrated, photos
  5. 1995-01-01 Agrodok Series no. 31 74 pages, illustrated, tables
  6. 1994-01-01 58 pages Bulletin 64
  7. 1980-08-01 This report describes the use of naturally occurring materials to protect agricultural produce in storage from insect infestation. 32 pages, tables Tropical Products Institute, G138
  8. 1983-01-01 14 pages, tables 10th Anniversary Monograph Series
  9. 1993-01-01 A careful evaluation of the Africa experience in the final phase of this five-year programme showed that there was a need for catalytic interventions which would lead to an enabling environment for women to have easier access to technologies. This would be an environment where women producers can...
  10. Deals with improving grain storage conditions as well as post-harvest pest control techniques in El Salvador. 33 pages 2 copies