1. 1994-12-01 Amazon.com Description Focuses on the processing of four cereals - maize (or corn), rice, sorghum, and wheat. A useful guide for those intending to set up a cereal-processing enterprise. Topics include harvesting, threshing, storage, milling, hulling, baking and fermenting.
  2. 1993-09-01 Offers guidance on the selection of appropriate equipment for small businesses, with case studies and technical information about each type of machine. For field workers training for food processing projects, and their trainers, and the non-specialist.
  3. 1993-12-01 Amazon.com Description Offers the non-specialist an insight into the ranges of methods and equipment available for preserving products, increasing the quality and range of foodstuffs and indicating where the hazards are when setting up a small food processing concern.
  4. 1994-01-01
  5. 2003-04-29 A Directory of Equipment and Methods This guide provides development workers and small-scale entrepreneurs with the basic information and advice that they need to set up a small-scale food processing enterprise. Part one considers the food processes that are suitable for different crops including...
  6. 1985-06-01
  7. 1993-11-01 Amazon.com Description This source book describes the traditional methods of fish processing and then looks at new and improved techniques which in most cases can be constructed locally. Types of processing covered include drying, salting, smoking and fermenting.
  8. 1973-01-01 This book teaches the artist and craftsman how to make his own tools: how to design. sharpen. and temper them
  9. 1993-11-01 Amazon.com Description hardcover book
  10. 1989-06-01 Amazon.com Description An ELBS/LPBB edition is available.