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Abstract, Indian Journal Of Traditional Knowledge, 2007

Indigenous practices play a vital role in sustainable agriculture development and are unique to a given culture of society. An exhaustive survey was conducted in dry tracts of Tamil Nadu to document the indigenous storage structures used by farmers. Information was documented by using participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) techniques. During survey, various types of indigenous storage structures used at the farm level in Tamil Nadu were identified. Among these, Kodambae (large sized cylindrical structures), Kuthir (medium capacity bins) and mud pots paanai (small capacity storage) are common types of storage systems. Grains are also stored in conventional granary rooms. Bamboo structures, urai indigenously oven is also in use. These structures are designed to enable the grain to be loaded and unloaded, with the possibility of periodic removal of limited quantities of grain, after which the unloaded part was sealed.  By this way, the quality of grain was maintained in good condition.