1. 20/10/2011 World Vision (WV) Australia is involved in both agricultural development and relief work in East Africa. We asked folks there to answer a few questions regarding the current drought and famine. In what ways have you been involved with addressing the drought and famine in the Horn of Africa? Could...
  2. 01/10/2002 It is not uncommon for people to rely on crops that are not the most suitable for their region. Here is an example from Ethiopia with some suggestions for alternatives.
  3. 20/01/2005 Maradi Integrated Development Project has forced me to question the wisdom of assuming that increases of organic content and fertility are always best.
  4. 20/10/2006 The best semi-arid environments only produce maize in 6 years out of 10.
  5. 23/05/2017 As rainfed crops are particularly vulnerable to drought as well as heavy rain, farmers must prepare dryland farming solutions for resilient and sustainable crop production.