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Custom Collection created by JC for Cameroun.

  1. 01/01/1978 In writing this book, Dr. Onwueme's purpose has been to provide a detailed account of the major tropical tuber crops which form a substantial part of the staple diet of people living in the tropics. Traditional and more recent methods of production are discussed and analysed. In addition,...
  2. Ressource principale 01/04/1985 Root crops is a general term commonly used for a wide variety of food plants that have an underground storage organ known as a root, tuber (rhizome), corm, or bulb. Root crops are rich in starch, and low in protein and oil. They are excellent sources of calories. Some are consumed as major...
  3. 19/10/1996 Sweet Potato Crop Production Bulletin Sweet Potato Cultivars Available Sweet Potato Cookbook Living Support Poles for Yams
  4. Ressource principale 12/12/2008 Crop production science in horticulture series: 17 Most of the world's poorest smallholders depend on tropical roots and tubers crops as their principal source of food and nutrition. These species produce large quantities of dietary energy and have stable yields under difficult environmental...
  5. 01/10/2005 In Cassava Cyanide Diseases News (CCDN), Issue 4,December 2004, Dr. J. Howard Bradbury wrote about a method of processing cassava that could substantially reduce the cyanide content of flour.
  6. 01/01/2007 Ce dépliant de 8 pages, facile à lire et particulièrement adapté à la consultation sur le terrain, traite de la fabrication de la farine de manioc. Il propose des informations générales sur le sujet traité, une description des procédés, divers conseils, des tableaux et des croquis explicatifs.
  7. 20/01/2013 Cassava is a tropical root crop, originally from Amazonia, that provides the staple food of an estimated 800 million people worldwide. Grown almost exclusively by low-income, smallholder farmers, it is one of the few staple crops that can be produced efficiently on a small scale, without the need...
  8. Edible Portion: Root, Leaves, Flowers, Vegetable A plant which can re-grow year after year from the thickened roots. It has several stems. The stems are woody and have some branches. Plants grow up to 2 or 3 metres high. Stalks have distinct scars where leaves have fallen. The leaves tend to be...
  9. Ressource principale
    16/02/2015 Les cultures tropicales à racines et tubercules sont consommées comme aliments de base dans certaines parties des tropiques et doivent être prises en compte pour leur potentiel à produire des rendements impressionnants dans les petits espaces. Elles offrent des choix intéressants pour la...
  10. Cassava can be grown almost anywhere in the tropics, but is very frost-sensitive. Cassava can survive in dry conditions for a very long period of time and still go on to produce a good crop. It can be an extremely heavy yielder.

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