1. The basic and technical knowledge for all tree seed-related activities are compiled in this handbook. General considerations provide the necessary background to ensure the genetical quality both in seed production and in seed collection. It will be a useful guide for foresters, extension...
  2. 1996-04-19 A method for extending the viability of neem seed.
  3. 1996-01-19 Information about onion seed germination in the tropics.
  4. 1998-12-19 Certain seeds have been shown to respond to smoke before they will germinate, even when there is no fire.
  5. 2000-06-20 Some ways of improving germination of oil palms. One problem with growing oil palms (Elaeis guineensis) is that the seed germinates with difficulty, sometimes taking two years!
  6. 2004-04-20 Poor crop establishment is common in developing countries. However, plants can be given a head start if they are able to germinate and emerge quickly. One way to minimize the time that seeds spend absorbing water from the soil is to soak the seeds in water before sowing them.
  7. 2017-03-22 Seed conservation under tropical climates is a great challenge when usual storage technology is lacking. Seed pests and the loss of seed viability are among the main risks faced by farmers and seed banks. ScientistsLawrence et. al.recently found that vacuum sealing significantly reduces stored...