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  1. Key Resource
    1984-04-20 This technical note was published in the early 80's when there were relatively few sources of information on, or seed for the the neem tree. In recent years much progress has been made in each of these areas. The information contained in this technical note is still quite valuable. A good source...
  2. Abstract,International Journal of Environment, 2017 Effective clearance of different types of waste has become significant to sustain healthy environment. Vermicomposting has become a suitable substitute for the safe, hygienic and cost effective disposal of organic solid wastes. Earthworms...
  3. 2006-02-01 38 pages Anamed no. 117
  4. 1986-01-01 This booklet provides information on the Neem tree especially for use in the Philippines. It provides information on growing neem and the uses of the neem tree including as an inexpensive insecticide. 12 pages, iluustrations, photos
  5. 1996-01-01 This booklet presents information about neem, one of the most ancient and widley used herbs on earth. A major herbal ingredient in Ayurvedic preparations, neem has been revered in India for over 4,000 years yet is almost unknown in th West. 80 pages
  6. 1986-01-12 This booklet explores the potential for agricultural, indutrial, and commercial exploitation of the Neem tree. Neem is potentially one of the most valuable of all semi-arid zone trees.
  7. 1993-02-24 This book contains paperson neem: production, developments, and neem use as pest control.
  8. The editors of this volume hope that the proceedings will act as a catalyst to stimulate thinking and action among researchers interested in neem improvement. It is encourageing to note that the work plan for seed exchange developed during the conference is already being implemented and that...
  9. Included in this booklet are abstracts of the Second International Neem Conference.
  10. The main purpose of this conference was to obtain an overview of the present knowledge on the use of neem products, especially for pest control purposes. Furthermore, the stimulation of neem research and of international cooperation was expected from it.