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  1. This publication is the final output of a workshop help in the Phillippines. It was during this workshop that field tested and farmer-approved practices were compiled in a single publication and edited in a fully participatory manner. This publication is aimed at extension workers, farmers,...
  2. 1980-07-19 Developed by the Peace Corps workers in Sierra Leone, this is a manual and field guide to small-farm irrigated rice productions. 107 pages, illustrated
  3. 1984-01-01 FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 41 152 pages, illustrated
  4. This pamphlet contains some general information on the important diseases of rice in the tropics. It is intended primarily for use by trainees at the International Rice Research Institute.
  5. This publication provides practical and comprehensive information to integrated pest managementworkers in rice fields throughout tropical Asia. It briefly discusses rice plant structure and growth stages and stresses their relation to pest management.
  6. 1978-01-01 95 pages, illustrated, photos
  7. 1979-01-01 To improve the understanding of rice culture among farmers, technicians, teachers, and scientists, B.S.Vergara of the IRRI plant physiology department prepared this handbook. It should be useful to technicians and the farmers that they serve.
  8. This details how affordable technology is available to scale up rice fortification. 90 pages, illustrations
  9. 1991-07-01 This paper describes, through a case study, how the On-Farm Seed Project in Senegal has used farmer participatory research to improve resource-poor farmers' production of rice seed and food grain. Though the example is specific, the principles it illustrates -- for conducting research and for...
  10. The mission of "Paddy and Water Environment" is twofold: to provide a better forum for scientists, engineers, planners, and related professionals to exchange their research experiences, outcomes, and problems; and to facilitate the dissemination of information in order to solve problems...