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  1. 2008-01-01 195 pages, illustrated, photos
  2. 1978-01-01 Food and Agricultural Industries Service, Agricultural Services Division 175 pages, illustrated, tables FAO Bulletin 31
  3. 2000-02-01 A thesis for the degree of Master of Science in Agriculture, University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan 108 pages, illustrated
  4. 1981-01-19 16 pages, illustrated, photos A handbook for rice production specialists.
  5. AccessAgriculture Training Video Participatory varietal selection or PVS is a method that allows different stakeholders to get involved in identifying constraints and selecting new varieties out of the hundreds developed by rice breeders. During three years multiple stakeholders are involved in...
  6. Alternate wetting and drying (AWD) is a management practice in irrigated lowland rice that saves water and reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while maintaining yields. The practice of AWD is defined by the periodic drying and re-flooding of the rice field. While AWD requires a specific water...
  7. This technology kit attempts to accomplish the primary objective of providing and presenting technological options for rice production systems. The technologies presented are proven technologies based on a variety of sources including institutional research, farmer-level field experiences and/or...
  8. This paper presents basic information on the biology of most insect pests of rice and describes the damage inflicted by them.
  9. The aim of this Agrodok is to inform extension workers and smallholder rice farmers in tropical Africa about current views concerning efficient, profitable and sustainable lowland rice farming and rice processing.