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  1. This manual is the first in a series planned by the Regional Project, designed to give detailed, practical advice on the various methodologies of organic recycling.
  2. 1970-01-01 This study was undertaken primarily to determine whether the manufacture of lightweight concrete bricks, on a small scale and using rice husks as an aggregate, is economic. Technical details of the process are not included in this report which is restricted primarily to the costing of a...
  3. The aim of this Agrodok is to inform extension workers and smallholder rice farmers in tropical Africa about current views concerning efficient, profitable and sustainable lowland rice farming and rice processing.
  4. 1984-01-01 FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 41 152 pages, illustrated
  5. 1987-06-01 This publication includes technical studies and photos of the workshop and field work that were done. 48 pages, illustrated, photos
  6. 1979-01-01 To improve the understanding of rice culture among farmers, technicians, teachers, and scientists, B.S.Vergara of the IRRI plant physiology department prepared this handbook. It should be useful to technicians and the farmers that they serve.
  7. 2000-02-01 A thesis for the degree of Master of Science in Agriculture, University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan 108 pages, illustrated
  8. This details how affordable technology is available to scale up rice fortification. 90 pages, illustrations
  9. 1991-07-01 This paper describes, through a case study, how the On-Farm Seed Project in Senegal has used farmer participatory research to improve resource-poor farmers' production of rice seed and food grain. Though the example is specific, the principles it illustrates -- for conducting research and for...
  10. 1980-07-19 Developed by the Peace Corps workers in Sierra Leone, this is a manual and field guide to small-farm irrigated rice productions. 107 pages, illustrated