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  1. 2015-11-17 Peanut Butter! Hot sauce! Dried fruit! Goat jerky!? Adding value to agricultural products by preserving, processing, and/or packaging them can be very tempting when one considers only the selling price. This workshop will engage participants to consider how adding value can also add risk. Sharpen...
  2. 2011-07-20 We share many ideas in EDN for agricultural techniques that can increase crop production. Higher production translates into more food and potentially more income; this is very important, especially for farmers whose livelihood comes from a small piece of land.Another way to increase food supply...
  3. 1992-06-19 Solar heating of cowpeas for at least 45 minutes will kill weevils without affecting cooking or germination percentages.
  4. 1992-06-19 Recipe for making catsup (ketchup) from squash.
  5. 1992-06-19 A method for using the fruit ("apple") to which the cashew nut is attached.
  6. 1998-02-19 Successful onion storage is the outcome of a process which begins at the crop planning stage and which continues through cultivation, harvesting and post-harvest handling right through to sale of onions to the consumer.
  7. 1999-03-19 In the last issue Brian Hilton shared his experience with cashew trees in Mozambique. For this issue we asked Brian to expand on some of the issues raised there. Then we follow with a letter that Ian Wallace in Guinea-Bissau wrote us seven years ago about some of the problems with the cashew work...
  8. 2000-06-20 Instructions for making onion powder. This processing would be for long-term storage and for the economic advantage of selling the processed onions at a greater price when fresh onions are no longer available.
  9. 2004-01-20 The Malian Peanut/Groundnut Sheller is a simple machine, requiring less than $10 US of materials.
  10. 2005-10-01 Several years ago, Mohammed Bah Abba designed an earthenware cooling system (the “pot-in-pot” method) to preserve foods in countries with hot, dry climates. In Northern Nigeria (where Abba is from), no electricity is available and propane refrigeration is prohibitively expensive.