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  1. 1995-01-01 Plant Health Management Series 117 pages, illustrated, photos
  2. 2006-01-01 52 pages, illustrated, photos
  3. 2018-11-13 CTI very brief history and video presentation of equipment for small farmer post-harvest processing by grinding dry solids to flour, harvest and processing groundnuts and recovery of clean seed from harvested dry millet. Richard Fulmer Background in chemistry, biochemistry and food processing;...
  4. 1998-05-19 Peanut butter is easy to make. This article gives detailed instructions.
  5. 2009-10-20 The main purpose of this article is to provide introductory information for those who are new to peanuts and may be wondering how peanut varieties or subspecies may differ from each other.
  6. 2004-01-20 The Malian Peanut/Groundnut Sheller is a simple machine, requiring less than $10 US of materials.
  7. 2005-07-20 The University of Zimbabwe (2002) studied the presence of aflatoxin in peanut butter. Among four different methods of processing (traditional, hand, motorized, commercial) traditional methods consistently had the lowest concentrations and commercial processors consistently had the highest...