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    2014-01-01 https://www.echocommunity.org/resources/71356f86-d90a-4032-9775-681c581fa715What if you are working in a community when disaster strikes it? What steps toward recovery can you take in such a situation? And what actions can be taken beforehand to minimize the damage from a large-scale,...
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    1999-03-19 Papaya seeds are part of traditional Ethiopian medicine for stomach worms.
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    1999-10-19 Women who are or might be pregnant should probably not use the seed for medicinal purposes.”
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    2002-10-01 The questions we asked in EDN 69 were: Do you drink the tea yourself or know people who do? How do you make the tea? How often do you drink it? Do you know of people who drink the tea regularly and still get malaria?
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    2003-07-20 In the article about papaya leaf tea that was published in EDN Issue 77, we did not mention the possibility that regular ingestion of the tea could lead to side effects (because we had not heard of any). Since we published that article, a few items have come to our attention that we would like to...
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    2002-01-01 ECHO does NOT recommend that anyone stop taking their antimalarial medicine in order to try this treatment. The only evidence for the effectiveness of papaya leaf tea in the prevention of malaria is anecdotal. No studies have been done to scientifically demonstrate its effectiveness. Does papaya...
  7. 2018-07-23 Eric Toensmeier conducts a workshop in 2012 @ ECHO-Florida highlighting some of the 4000+ plants grown on the ECHO Global Farm in North Fort Myers, FL. For more from Eric Toensmeier, check out http://carbonfarmingsolution.com/
  8. This book discusses Papaya and its health benefits.