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By: Jim Ardill
Published: 1999-03-19

We asked Jim to expand on what we wrote in the last issue on this subject. “Some of my co-workers also use papaya seed for stomach ailments. It is part of traditional Ethiopian medicine for stomach worms, especially tapeworms from a raw meat delicacy. I’ve not analyzed stool samples, so have no scientific evidence. A one-teaspoon dose for 3-5 days usually handles most cases of worms. I use papaya seed for several reasons; it works, it’s free and I’ve read that prolonged use of the medicine ‘Flagyl’ has been known to cause cancer. It is fun to prepare my own medicine from God’s fruit orchard and experience healing through it.

It is not necessarily easy to overdose, but important to keep to one teaspoon only.

By the way, I’ll be looking for gelatin capsules when I reach the US, so I can prepare the seeds in these capsules, making them so much easier to swallow. 

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Ardill, J. 1999. The Papaya Seed Stomach Cure. ECHO Development Notes no. 63