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  2. Abstract, Plos One, 2019 From 1 January 2018 came into force Regulation (EU) 2015/2238 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2015, introducing the concept of “novel foods”, including insects and their parts. One of the most commonly used species of insects are: mealworms...
  3. This research paper is about the importance on Hydnocarpus derivatives on nematodes and eubacteria. 57 pages, illustrations
  4. The objective of this book is to provide information about the life cycles and biology of many common parasites of domestic animals in the United States, and to aid veterinarians, biologist, students, and laboratory technicians in diagnosing them.
  5. 2006-01-01 Why do our farm animals get sick and how can we keep them healthy?" This is a question veterinarians and other specialists who work with small farmers hear frequently. Most of these farmers work very hard, giving time, effort, and loving care to their animals in the hope that their farm will be...
  6. 2016-01-20 Need an effective, low cost antiparasitic remedy? Or prefer natural remedies, if they really work? You want papaya seeds (Carica papaya). A placebo, controlled study in Nigeria1 found them to be as effective as pharmaceuticals without any serious side effects. The parasite clearance rates after a...
  7. 1996-01-19 The parasiticweed Striga hermonthica is a major problem in African millet fields. International Agricultural Development (Jan/Feb 1994) reports that dense intercropping of cowpea in millet stands can reduce Striga emergence.
  8. 1998-02-19 A striga resistant sorghum has been developed. In addition the fungus, Fusarium oxysporum, may help control striga.
  9. 1997-11-19 Two methods for controlling ticks on goats in the tropics.
  10. 1999-03-19 Papaya seeds are part of traditional Ethiopian medicine for stomach worms.