1. The Calendar of Organic Gardening means to tell you how to garden day-by-day in seven different climate zones that stretch the length and breath of our land, north to south and east to west-roughly 1500 by 3000 miles.
  2. At long last, you can grow your tomatoes and eat them too with the help of this primer on gardening with fewer chemicals. Gardeners and homeowners alike need simple and safe ways to stop unwanted pests and plant diseases while allowing nature to flourish. A companion to the highly successful DEAD...
  3. A complete book on tomatoes for the new gardener and a valuable reference tool for the experienced home vegetable grower.
  4. Klein discribes how to plant tomatoes in a foam box. He discusses all aspects, from soil to pests.
  5. Discusses how to grow 62 of the most popular vegetables, fruits, nuts and fragrant herbs, and provides information on storage and harvesting
  6. Let the garden experts at Rodale help you create your most successful garden ever. Learn how to use natural and chemical-free methods to grow vegetables and fruit, perennials, annuals, bulbs, herbs, and trees and shrubs and maintain your landscape all year-round. Now thoroughly revised and...
  7. 2014-03-11 When the inspiration hits to start an organic garden, many novices could benefit from a guidebook that speaks directly to their enthusiasm, their goals, and, of course, their need for solid information that speaks a newbie's language—from the most trusted source for organic gardening methods. In...
  8. This book shows you howto build fertile soil and keep it.
  9. 1993-01-01 Beck's home-spun approach to farming and gardening is based on the belief that if you work with nature, nature will reward your efforts. 2 Copies
  10. 1992-01-01 The author recounts the pleasure of serving home-grown vegetables during the winter months and provides instructions on how to accomplish this in your own garden. 2 Copies