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  1. Describes the characteristics and uses of more than ninety herbs, offers advice on their cultivation and harvesting, and includes recipes featuring herbs
  2. 1993-01-01 An illustrated guide to herbs, their medicines and magic reveals the mystical and spiritual associations of herbs, to rekindle our natural and traditional links with these remarkable plants. A classic herbal book to consult and enjoy for years to come.
  3. 1987-01-01 223 pages, illustrated
  4. 1993-01-01 80 pages, illustrated
  5. This book explores some of the herbal beliefs and practices of the ancient Greeks and Romans that probably influenced the occupants of the Villa dei Papiri whose spendid house and garden are recreated in Malibu.
  6. Combines a field guide to finding and preserving medicinal plants with a detailed home advisor to their uses in cooking, cosmetics and health
  7. 1998-01-01 This book has been written as a work-study guide for students and others interested in learning about medicinal and aromatic species, plants commonly known as herbs. This book of laboratory exercises familiarizes the reader with production, propagation, identification, maintenance, landscaping,...
  8. This book shows you how to enjoy the full benefit of herb gardening.
  9. With over 400 plants illustrated in full color, this is the most comprehensive photographic guide to herbs and plants grown all over the world for theirculinary and medicinal properties. Included are descriptions of the plants' distinctive features for identification, botanical information...
  10. Successful entrepreneur Sandie Shores offers the only guide for starting an herb business that includes complete growing and harvesting information with savvy advice for starting and maintaining a profitable company. Profiles of other successful entrepreneurs are included.