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  1. 1992-01-01 The vegetables listed in this publication can be divided into cool and warm season vegetables based on their optimum growing season and planting dates.
  2. 2000-01-01 The purpose of this book is to provide the best and most up-to-date information available to the primary users of this book - the Florida vegetable industry. SP170 1999 and 2000 editions 2 copies
  3. 2015-09-01 Quit fighting to grow food in Florida and discover the secrets to abundance! Deal with pests naturally! Discover ridiculously productive plants! Turn your sand into soil! Feed your family from your backyard! Conquer your fear of failure! Green up your thumbs!
  4. The main purpose of this book is to promote an appreciation for these plants as functioning organisms, through an examination of their construction, not in a static sense, but over extended periods of time. Structural features of both reproductive and vegetative parts are emphasized, largely...
  5. 1995-01-01 Uncommon Scents explores some of the common and unusual herbs and spices that can be grown in our temperate-tropical climate. Some of the history, myth and legend surrounding many of these plants has been included.
  6. 1960-01-01 It is hoped all gardeners in Florida will find this book a valuable source of information that will make their gardening more interesting and rewarding.
  7. 1988-01-01 As residents of Lehigh and members of the Garden Club, we learned much about this specific corner of Mother Earth, Lehigh, and we have accumulated experience that we are sharing in this publication.
  8. 1987-01-01 In this booklet, you will find proven ways to encourage a broad cross-section of Florida wildlife to visit and live around your home. No matter what your time or finacial constraints, you can take some time or financial constraints, you can take some of these simple steps to improve wildlife...
  9. This book was not written for the botanist, but sufficient botany is included to identify species, together with informative data describing soil preferences, location, availability, hardiness, transplanting, propagation, and the best use in Florida landscaping.
  10. 1985-01-01 Florida's Fabulous Flowers: Their Stories,portrays each flower in picture and provides their corresponding information.