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  1. 1980-01-01 Though this book is intended for general use by persons without a technical background in the botanical sciences, every attempt has been made to keep it scienfigically accurate. Great reference book for the native plants of Florida.
  2. This book was not written for the botanist, but sufficient botany is included to identify species, together with informative data describing soil preferences, location, availability, hardiness, transplanting, propagation, and the best use in Florida landscaping.
  3. 2006-01-01 Whether you are starting from scratch with a new land-scape or considering changes to an existing yard, the Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Handbook offers helpful concepts, tools and techniques for creating your own Florida-Friendly Yard.
  4. This new edition contains detailed and expert guidance for all phases of landscape design and installation, examples of actual landscape plans, handy charts and checklists, and over 130 inspiring photographs and 35 color illustrations.
  5. 1990-01-01 Offers advice on soil preparation, composting, seed starting, cold frames, propagation, pruning, and tools.Clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions for gardening techniques, tips, recipes, and projects cover all aspects of chemical-free gardening. 2 Copies: hardback & soft cover
  6. Presents a guide to selecting trees, berries, perennials, and vines for the garden, and offers more than five thousand plant listings with information on varieties, cultivation, and maintenance. 2 copies
  7. 1992-01-01 This is a concise guide to the most common palms utilized in subtropical and tropical landscapes. It provides cultural information and significant identifying characteristics in an easy to use format.
  8. 1997-01-01 No matter where you live in the Sunshine State, the answers to your gardening questions are here. The Florida Gardener's Guide ,features 200 of the best plants for Florida's unique growing conditions and also includes: Individual plant entry, full-color photographs of each plant, USDA Florida...
  9. 1975-01-19 Over the years Florida Landscape Plants has become a standard manual for university students, nurserymen, and homeowners in the Lower South. All residents of Florida who like to garden will find much useful information to help them with their garden problems in this revised book.
  10. 0987-01-01 Horticulturist Tom MacCubbin addresses the special problems and year-round rewards of gardening in subtropical Florida. MacCubbin is host of the popular public broadcastign series Florida Home Grown, produced b WMFE-Orlando. In this book he gives clear and practical advice on: -Basics of good...