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  1. The table in this publication lists shrubs and provides information on their characteristics and cultural needs. This information should help homeowners and landscape horticulturists select appropriate shrubs for specific purposes and locations in their landscapes. Circular 498
  2. 2000-01-01 The purpose of this book is to provide the best and most up-to-date information available to the primary users of this book - the Florida vegetable industry. SP170 1999 and 2000 editions 2 copies
  3. 2015-09-01 Quit fighting to grow food in Florida and discover the secrets to abundance! Deal with pests naturally! Discover ridiculously productive plants! Turn your sand into soil! Feed your family from your backyard! Conquer your fear of failure! Green up your thumbs!
  4. 1992-01-01 The vegetables listed in this publication can be divided into cool and warm season vegetables based on their optimum growing season and planting dates.
  5. 1988-11-01 91 pages, illustrated. Part 1: Soil dwellers; Part 2: Order Oxyurida, Family Thelastomatidae, Parasites of cockroaches and bess beetles
  6. 1961-01-01 The purpose of this bulletin is to bring before the Florida grower, in a brief practical and scientific manner, the known information regarding the malnutrition problems of citrus, point out the deficiency symptoms of various nutrients, as well as the symptoms of excesses. By so doing and...
  7. 1995-01-01 This text provides color photographs for the identification of Florida citrus insects, mites, diseases, physiological disorders, horticultural problems and nutritional deficiencies and toxicities.
  8. 1975-01-19 Over the years Florida Landscape Plants has become a standard manual for university students, nurserymen, and homeowners in the Lower South. All residents of Florida who like to garden will find much useful information to help them with their garden problems in this revised book.
  9. 1987-01-01 The first new edition in ten years of the bible of Florida gardening. Addressing the needs of gardening novices, seasoned hobbyists, and horticultural professionals alike, the author created a reference book that no Florida gardener should be without.
  10. Florida boasts an extremely diverse flora, ranging from tropical species in the south to Appalachian Mountain remnants in the panhandle. Florida Wild Flowers and Roadside Plants is a helpful guide to identifying 500 species of Florida plant life, including rare as well as common wild flowers and...