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  1. 1999-06-12 With full-color photographs and detailed expert advice, this affordable paperback describes how to grow abundant vegetables and edible herbs in gardens anywhere in Florida. Whether you’re planting spring peas and sweet corn or crisp cucumbers and the dill you need to can them, Jim Stephens offers...
  2. Florida boasts an extremely diverse flora, ranging from tropical species in the south to Appalachian Mountain remnants in the panhandle. Florida Wild Flowers and Roadside Plants is a helpful guide to identifying 500 species of Florida plant life, including rare as well as common wild flowers and...
  3. The table in this publication lists shrubs and provides information on their characteristics and cultural needs. This information should help homeowners and landscape horticulturists select appropriate shrubs for specific purposes and locations in their landscapes. Circular 498
  4. More than 550 woody vines and shrubs native to Florida are covered in this easy-to-use field guide with line drawings and color photos. Useful to professional botanists as well as landscape architects and homeowners.
  5. 1989-01-01 Gardening in Florida is quite different from that in the North. This book answers most of your questions and some you hadn't considered. Although not a new book, it is current in its facts and tips. A must for people who want to start backyard gardens in Florida.
  6. This book is no longer in print. It discusses native Floridian plants - ferns, palms, wild flowers, shrubs, trees, water plants and vines. A Florida gem.
  7. 1988-11-01 91 pages, illustrated. Part 1: Soil dwellers; Part 2: Order Oxyurida, Family Thelastomatidae, Parasites of cockroaches and bess beetles
  8. 1984-01-12 Major fieldwork for this Lee County, Florida soil survey was completed in 1981 withsoil names and descriptions approved at that time. 2 copies
  9. 1969-01-05 This gives an overview of the history of soybeans in Florida with information on growing and using the soybeans for animal feed. 120 pages, illustrations, photos
  10. 1995-01-01 Best management practices for selection, establishment and maintenance of Florida lawngrasses. OUT OF PRINT - DO NOT REMOVE FROM LIBRARY