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  1. 1995-01-01 Soon after beginning a major program in renewable energy in 1979, VITA (Volunters in Technical Assistance) found that many of the technical terms commonly used in renewable energy literature were not understood by many of the laypeople for whom the information was meant. VITA also realized that...
  2. 1960-01-01 Cassell's Spanish Dictionary, 1960 1st Edition, edited by Peers, Barragan, Vinyals, & Mora. Spanish to English and also English to Spanish listings. Hardcover with 1477 pages, published by Funk & Wagnalls.
  3. 1993-01-01 *Available Only in Spanish This book provides information regarding agriculture translations in both English and Spanish. It also provides illastrations of vegetables, tools, plants, and animals. 2 Copies
  4. 1963-01-01 This book contains information on and illustrations of Florida's tropic and subtropic trees.
  5. 1965-01-01 In this booklet, the authors have tried to answer in capsule form the various questions asked about our large and varied plant life of Florida. 80 pages Bulletin no. 161, R-January, 1965
  6. This book is a comprehensive reference work of the most valuable useful plants of all parts of the U.S., calling attention to the special merits of the plants.