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  4. 2014-06-23 Amazon Description : Biochar is the carbon-rich organic matter that remains after heating biomass under minimization of oxygen during a process called pyrolysis. Its relevance to deforestation, agricultural resilience, and energy production, particularly in developing countries, makes it an...
  5. 2017-03-03 Amazon Description: Interest in biochar among soil and environment researchers has increased dramatically over the past decade. Biochar initially attracted attention for its potential to improve soil fertility and to uncouple the carbon cycle, by storing carbon from the atmosphere in a form that...
  6. 2017-05-23 An introduction to biochar What it is What it does How to use it!
  7. 2017-05-23 An introduction on how to make biochar.
  8. 2017-05-23 This instruction manual is for the "blue barrel" water filtration system producing up to 300 liters of water per day.
  9. 2017-05-23 This instruction manual is for the concrete tank water filtration system producing up to 2,000liters of water per day.
  10. Informal technical mailing lists for organized around the following bioenergy topics: Clean Cooking Stoves Biomass Gasification Biochar Anaeorobic Digestion Green Building Strawbale Building Systems Originally, these email lists were hosted at CREST (the Center for Renewable and Sustainable...