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  1. 2001-01-01 When organic material decomposes under anaerobic conditions, it produces biogas which is a mixture of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) with small quantities of hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide and other compounds. Biogas can be used as a fuel source for cooking, heating, producing light...
  2. 2010-01-01 289 pages, illustrated
  3. 2008-01-01 This notebook, compiled by ECHO Appropriate Technology, contains information on biogas in Africa, making low-cost biodigestors, and other pertinent information on biogas for developing areas.
  4. 2001-01-10 This book shows biogas users on how to operate and maintain their biogas plant. The things to do are illustrated with many simple drawings. 34 pages, illustrated
  5. Describes the physical and chemical processes leading to the production of biogases and describes procedures for constructing a digester to convert sewage and organic wastes to methane for use on farms and in homes
  6. Uses diagrams and pictures to show how the basic design of the biogas pit can be adapted for construction in different soils, from sandstone to sheer rock, which should encourage other developing countries to embark on their own biogas programs.
  7. David Fulford has written an outstanding text on the advantages and challenges of running a biogas programme in a third world country. Mr. Fulford's text outlines the myriad applications that biogas plants can perform, and demonstrates the practical utility of this renewable energy resource. Many...
  8. Renewable energy is becoming crucially important as concern over burning fossil fuels is increasing and the price of oil continues to rise. Biogas technology has undergone great developments since the first designs in the 1970s. Large national projects are working very effectively in countries...
  9. Biogas is a clean-burning fuel. It does not give off smoke as does charcoal or firewood. By using biogas for cooking you can keep your cooking area and your food cleaner. This publication tell how to make and use biogas.
  10. This publication details how to build a better small biogas unit and use it.