1. 20-01-2004 In a survey reported in the East African Medical Journal, 597 school children and their parents were surveyed in areas of southern Ethiopia that have very high incidence of goiter. M. stenopetala had a significant association with the prevalence of goiter.
  2. 20-07-2007 A challenge in growing M. oleifera for its leaves is its tendency to quickly produce a tall tree with few branches.
  3. 20-01-2006 Seeds ofMoringa oleiferacan be used to treat water in an emergency or disaster situation. Studies since the early 1970’s have found the seeds to be highly effective in removing suspended particles from water with medium to high levels of turbidity.
  4. 20-07-2009 Many of you have graciously taken the time to fill out the seed harvest report form that accompanies each mailing of seeds from our seed bank. In reading reports from people in our network, we want to learn whether the seeds we are sending out have improved the lives of poor small-holder farmers....
  5. 20-10-2008 Description of a village-level technology solar dryer for Moringa leaves.
  6. 20-10-2004 Results of a Moringa Taste Test Carambola—A Five Star Fruit Indoor Air Pollution from Cooking Fire Smoke Black Sigatoka, Water Purification
  7. 20-07-2008 Briefly addressed are the following: Artemisia for malaria treatment. Aflatoxin. Leaf Protein Concentrate (LPC) for treatment ofsevere malnutrition. Moringa high density planting for leaf powder. Indoor air pollution.
  8. 19-07-1992 This process is being used by farmers near the University of Philippines at Los Baños. Fast-growing nitrogen-fixing trees such as leucaena, gliricidia or calliandra are planted ahead of time to shade out grasses. Yams are planted near the base of the tree after weeds are controlled. When the...
  9. 20-07-2009 In 2006, Beth Doerr attended an International MoringaWorkshop in Accra, Ghana. Here are some of the key findings about moringa that were shared at the workshop.
  10. Strong Harvest International has a peer educator manual to facilitate communication about moringa. The manual is available in seven languages--English, French (for West Africa), Haitian Creole, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and Swahili. Though the 20-page section with training illustrations...