1. This book looks at how soil develops, what makes fertile soil, and what spoils soil. Recognizing and treating mineral deficiencies, it presents the ways to improve soil texture and to improve the soil management. 262 pages, pictures, illustrations
  2. 01/11/2003 This publication reports on research on how alley cropping between tree barriers compared to the more traditional conservation barriers used in Haiti in terms of long-term crop yields. 40 pages, illustrated, photos 2 copies
  3. This publication is intended to summarize the diffuse literature available on use of terraces in steepland farming systems and present information on the research conducted in southern Honduras on this subject.
  4. This little book is a classic of sorts--in the poetry of its expression, in the depth of its science, in its reference toward our margin of life. Listen while it reveals its past. Learn, since it teaches the lesson survival.
  5. The programme's purpose is to develop and test strategies for reducing environmental degradation and improving rural livelihoods along the forest margins of the tropcs. Its objectives are the development of improved land-use systems and policy recommendations capable of alleviating the pressures...
  6. The wind-erosion control and many other benefits offered by a renovated windbreak will ensure continued protection of your resources. Before planting a windbreak, get advice from local specialists.
  7. This book aims to celebrate from where no-till has come, and to advance the concept by sharing the latest information and knowledge from around the world.
  8. "SALT" is a package technology of soil conservation and food production, integrating differing soil conservation measures in just one setting. Basically, SALT is a method of growing field and permanent crops in 3 meter to 5 meter wide bands between contoured rows of nitrogen fixing trees. This...
  9. The purpose of this Soils Bulletin is to summarize the soil erosion problem and to focus attention on remedial measures available with particular reference to the lands under traditional forms of agriculture in the developing countries. It is hope that the Bulletin will be of assistance to field...
  10. This booklet reflects this focus on encouraging self-sufficiency of persons in rural communities throught the world. It discusses planting methods forliving barriers and other uses for living barriers. 2 Copies