1. Ressource principale
    28/09/2016 Les agriculteurs dans de nombreuses régions du monde, en raison de la croissance de la population humaine, n’ont guère d’autre choix que de cultiver leurs terres en permanence, ne disposant pas suffisamment de ressources pour remplacer les éléments nutritifs retirés par chaque culture successive....
  2. This publication represents the best collective judgment on research priorities by a group of informed and dedicated people concerned with the future role of our soil and water resources in meeting human needs.
  3. This booklet is an evaluation of conservation tillage practices in low rain fall areas of Ethiopida in the 2014 cropping season.
  4. This book is a timely contribution towards the debate on the most effective way to bring about sustainable farming in marginal areas. It offers a detailed analysis of the social, economic, and agro-ecological characteristic of both Soil and Water Conservation (SWC) and Better Land Husbandry (BLH)...
  5. 01/01/1997 19 pages, tables
  6. 01/01/1983 FAO Soils Bulletin 52 235 pages, tables
  7. 01/06/2000 The FAO Programme for Community IPM in Asia, June 2000 101 pages, illustrated
  8. 01/01/1995 19 pages, illustrated
  9. 01/01/2008 A Technical Reference Manual 98 pages, illustrated, photos
  10. 01/01/1982 This publication resulted from a symposium held at the American Society of Agronomy and Soil Science Society of America in August 1979. Although the manuscripts focus on soil erosion and conservation in the tropics, works also can apply to many parts of the world.