1. Ressource principale
    28/09/2016 Les agriculteurs dans de nombreuses régions du monde, en raison de la croissance de la population humaine, n’ont guère d’autre choix que de cultiver leurs terres en permanence, ne disposant pas suffisamment de ressources pour remplacer les éléments nutritifs retirés par chaque culture successive....
  2. 01/01/2008 A Technical Reference Manual 98 pages, illustrated, photos
  3. 01/01/1982 This publication resulted from a symposium held at the American Society of Agronomy and Soil Science Society of America in August 1979. Although the manuscripts focus on soil erosion and conservation in the tropics, works also can apply to many parts of the world.
  4. 01/01/1983 This book, sponsored by the German Agency for Technical Cooperation, has as its goal to convince leaders/governments of all countries, and developing countries in particular, of the urgent need to reduce soil erosion and to persuade then to adopt and support practical programs of soil...
  5. 01/03/1990 This handbook has been prepared to support small scale fieldworkers and farmers, mostly in the tropics and semitropics, to develop vegetative systems of soil and moisture conservation.
  6. 12/01/1993 This book reports the results of the trials and other ad hoc observations carried out that have shown the vetiver hedgerows have tremendous potential for many areas of human activities. It contains photos to illustrate establlshing, vetiver, vetiver hedgerows, and uses of vetiver.
  7. 12/01/1993 This set of information has been put together for those of you wanting more detailed information of vetiver technology, and access to some of the papers submitted for the 1993 vetiver awards. Mos of the papers are backed by a lot of photographs.
  8. The research reported here aimed to collect basic information on the characteristics of erosion processes in a defined area of the Andean zone of Colombia.
  9. This publication is intended to summarize the diffuse literature available on use of terraces in steepland farming systems and present information on the research conducted in southern Honduras on this subject.
  10. Soils are the main terrestrial reservoir of organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus. Thus, any type of disturbance, e.g. landuse changes, that alters soil integrity is a threat to planetaryscale biogeochemical cycles that sustain the life-support systems of the Earth. Soil erosion impacts the...