1. 01/01/1983 FAO Soils Bulletin 52 235 pages, tables
  2. 01/06/2000 The FAO Programme for Community IPM in Asia, June 2000 101 pages, illustrated
  3. 01/01/1995 In this book you will learn how to prevent soil erosion by playing a game. The players must imagine that they are conservationists, dedicated to saving Zimbabwe's soil from being washed away. At each step in the game a player can either lose soil or gain soil in the form of points. The points are...
  4. 01/01/2008 A Technical Reference Manual 98 pages, illustrated, photos
  5. 01/01/1982 This publication resulted from a symposium held at the American Society of Agronomy and Soil Science Society of America in August 1979. Although the manuscripts focus on soil erosion and conservation in the tropics, works also can apply to many parts of the world.
  6. Soil resources depletion is a widespread, direct threat to the sustainability of agricultural production. Dramatic changes in soil managment concepts are needed to counter the threat. This manual proposes options for such changes, addressing a very broad variety of topics related to agricultural...
  7. 01/01/1983 This book, sponsored by the German Agency for Technical Cooperation, has as its goal to convince leaders/governments of all countries, and developing countries in particular, of the urgent need to reduce soil erosion and to persuade then to adopt and support practical programs of soil...
  8. 01/03/1990 This handbook has been prepared to support small scale fieldworkers and farmers, mostly in the tropics and semitropics, to develop vegetative systems of soil and moisture conservation.
  9. 12/01/1995 A collection of papers and newsletters compiled by the Vetiver Network. World Bank Technical Paper no. 273.
  10. 01/06/1984 FAO of the United Nations has as its objective to present the principles and practices of tillage systems for sustained food production and to create an awareness of the need to conserve the world's soil, water and energy resources for future generations.