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Custom Collection created by JC for Benin. 

  1. 01/09/2021 [Editor’s Note: There are many biochar burner designs currently in existence, intended for various scales and end uses in mind. This particular design has becomea favorite of the ECHO Asia farm staff, for its ability to produce larger quantities of pyrolyzed material and wood vinegar at the same...
  2. 20/01/2018 This collection aims to provide a reference for policy makers and practitioners working in areas related to bioenergy in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa. This encompasses those in the energy, agriculture, forestry, environment, finance and business sectors, among others, who are searching for...
  3. Biochar is the carbonaceous solid product of biomass pyrolysis which can be used as chemical feedstock for various purposes such as energy production, and adsorption of pollutants. In particular, application of biochar to the soil is gaining greater interests, which can reduce fertilizer...
  4. 23/05/2017 An introduction on how to make biochar.
  5. 23/05/2017 An introduction to biochar What it is What it does How to use it!
  6. Brad Ward at ECHO Fort Myers, Florida talks about the process of making biochar. Produced by : Robert Fulop Published on Jan 18, 2015
  7. Ressource principale
    23/07/2015 Le changement climatique aura un énorme impact sur les populations les plus pauvres du monde. Les rendements des cultures ont déjà baissé dans les tropiques et devraient encore baisser de 15 à 30 % en 2080 en Afrique, en Asie du Sud et Amérique Centrale (Hoffman 2013). Certains pays pourraient...
  8. 05/10/2017 This workshop will explore biochar and how Warm Heart has been researching, experimenting, creating, and promoting biochar in northern Thailand and some of the lessons learned through the years.
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    01/06/2013 Rick Burnette a écrit un article pour le numéro 6 (Juillet 2010) des Notes d’ECHO pour l’Asie, intitulé « Charcoal Production in 200-Liter Horizontal Drum Kilns » (Production de Charbon de Bois dans des Fours à Tambour Horizontaux de 200 Litres). Mon article pousse le processus de carbonisation...

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