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  1. 2010-01-01 The purpose of this document is to show several water pump designs constructed from PVC pipe, explain how to manufacture them, and discuss pump performance and how to improve on these designs.
  2. 1982-01-01 240 pages, illustrated, photos
  3. 1995-01-01 77 pages, illustrated
  4. 2003-01-01 48 pages, illustrated, tables Research Report 66
  5. 1991-07-01 36 pages, illustrated
  6. No page numbers, illustrated, photos
  7. 1977-08-01 51 pages, illustrated
  8. 1980-01-01 No page numbers, illustrated
  9. Abstract, Water, 2015 The evolution of the major achievements in water lifting devices with emphasis on the major technologies over the centuries is presented and discussed. Valuable insights into ancient water lifting technologies with their apparent characteristics of durability, adaptability,...
  10. Key Resource 1989-12-01 Shows how to make a simple, cheap, pump suitable for small-holding and garden use, a pump which can raise water from rivers or wells, with lifts of up to 30 metres. A simple clear text, with line drawings, showing how common materials can be used. 27 pages, illustrated.